Zach Efron, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling plastic surgery

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Zach Efron, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling plastic surgery

This is Zach Efron and this is Zach Efron, but why does he look so different?

Is it his hair color? Hmm, no. Oh, it’s his facial hair, huh? No. Could it be plastic surgery?

Zac Efron is a boyishly handsome American actor. Who’s known for his first film High school musical, as well as his most recent film Baywatch.

We first met Zach when he was a teenager, but now as he’s gotten older, he’s really grown into his handsome, rugged look, which is why I thought it was really strange.

So my initial thought was, Zach Efron has not done anything to his face, but then I saw this photo.

He’s just literally unrecognizable to me. So I did want to analyze his face and find out what, if any plastic surgery that he’s had, let’s start with Zach’s natural beauty traits.

The first thing you really notice about him are his gorgeous eyes. Not so much the color, although the color is beautiful, more of the shape they’re horizontally long.

Of course, his eye color is stunning, but when it comes to eye color, it’s more of the icing on the cake rather than being an important beauty trait. In fact, some of the most beautiful people in the world actually have Brown eyes.

The next thing you notice about Zac Efron is his bone structure in his face. He has great wide cheekbones as well as a wide jaw. He also has exceptional forward growth. This means that he has an outward projection from his cheeks, upper jaw, lower jaw, as well as his chin, let’s contrast forward growth with downward vertical growth. As we see here.

He also has great lips, a great nose, as well as a beautiful smile. What I did was I went through photos of Zach Efron from teenagehood to his age right now, which is 32. At the time of this taping. I especially looked at his chin and jaw because I wanted to investigate claims that he may have gotten a chin and jaw implant, his chin and jaw look to be his natural bone structure.

So then I looked more closely at his nose because it really does appear to be a bit thinner than it was not by much, maybe just like a tiny few millimeters.

Has Zac Efron had a nose job?

Also, his tip does appear to be a bit more sculpted and I really didn’t see many changes that you can attribute to plastic surgery. If he did get a nose job, why did he make such tiny incremental changes? Uh, why even bother type nose shop? Honestly, if you get this kind of nose job, I want to say it doesn’t count because it really doesn’t change anything. Okay. But what are these changes we’re seeing? He does look vastly different in 2019. I think he lost a lot of weight. He did go on a plant-based diet and I think that’s led to weight changes. And a lot of it can be seen in his face, in either case, he’s still really handsome.

Now we go to another heartthrob, Brad Pitt. Brad’s always had that boyish face, but it was paired with a strong jaw. So we have that combination of boyishness with rugged masculinity, Brad Pitt, and Zach Efron actually have a lot in common.

They both have compact mid faces as well as great forward growth and beautiful eyes. They also both have that boyish charm mixed with strong masculine features. I want to start with Brad skin now. Brad’s always struggled with having acne scars. And when he first came on the scene, we didn’t have the HD film that we have today. Unfortunately, when we did get HD, we were able to see those scars really well.

So I do think Brad’s been working on his skin now. It looks a lot smoother than it did in the past. What I think he did was either got his acne scars filled with silicone microdroplets or he may have used a hyaluronic acid filler to make them less noticeable.

In addition, I think that Brad used to be a pretty bad sun worshiper because you do see some left over sun damage. But I think in recent years he’s really gotten on skin maintenance and he’s been doing some chemical peels as well as a possible CO2 fractional laser, which is really great with skin resurfacing.

I really thought that he had had a facelift. And one of the reasons I thought that was because of this photo. So this photo was taken at an award show and look how young he looks. I mean, it’s almost like the Brad of 2006 yet. He’s 52 years old in this photo. I mean, he looks amazing and it looks like they put him in a time machine.

Then I looked at possible facelifts scars on the side of his face. And I thought I saw something like in this photo.

Did Brad Pitt get fillers or Botox?

So then I went back and analyze a bit more. And then I kept finding photos where he would look young and then he would look older once where he had barely any wrinkles and then ones where he had very deep wrinkles. And the conclusion I’ve come to is this, I think he gets fillers and Botox, but not continuously.

I think what he’s doing is he’s taking breaks with the fillers and Botox. So when he’s on a break, he’s going to look a little older. And when he’s back on the fillers and Botox, he’s going to look younger, right?

Although I don’t get dermal fillers, I would love to be able to age that way. I’m sure a lot of us would.

Ryan Gosling plastic surgery

Now we come to our last male Ryan Gosling. Who’s also an American actor and who won all of our hearts in the film, the notebook. Ryan also has that boyish charm and masculinity, except he has downward vertical growth. Whereas Brad and Zach have forward horizontal growth.

For those of you who have downward growth, you can see that this type of growth can still be very attracted as evidenced by Ryan’s millions of fans. I do think that Ryan Gosling has had plastic surgery. Let’s start with Ryan’s notes back in the day, his nose pointed downward. And he also had a bump on here’s where I think he got the first rhinoplasty. And then after he had his rhinoplasty, his nose is a lot thinner in the bridge area.

The bump is mostly gone and the tip looks like it’s been elevated just a bit. Now let’s go a few more years. This is where I think he had his second rhinoplasty.

Now, if you look at him, head-on he still has a long nose. Now you can’t really change the length of your mid-face and he has a longer mid-face, but it works for him. He looks great. Now along with having downward growth, usually your chin grows downward too. As we see here with Ryan.

Now look at a few years later and his chin is now a lot more compact.

It’s not only more compact, but it’s also shorter. Now it’s still a long chin, but it really fits his face. I really love what he did there. Another speculation is that Ryan changed his eyelids. I do see that as eyes look a lot more wide open.

I think these three procedures gave him a much more leading man look, and I think it gave him a lot more confidence to not play the geeky nerd part. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I love me a good nerd. These three examples were really important for me to show you guys because sometimes I think we get so focused on only one type of face being attractive that we don’t realize that there are so many different faces that are attractive for different reasons.

Let’s add up the costs of Ryan Gosling’s procedures, rhinoplasty $15,000, second rhinoplasty, $15,000, upper eyelid blepharoplasty, $4,000 chin bone shaving, $5,000 total cost to look like Ryan Gosling, $39,000.

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