What Has Simon Cowell Done To His Face?

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What happened to Simon cow’s face? Did he have some plastic surgery?  My name is Dr. Anthony Yoon, and I’m known as America’s holistic plastic surgeon. We’re going to go over what did Simon Cowell do to his face? Did he have Botox? Did he have filler? Did he have a facelift? And we’re also going to discuss how did he lose 20 pounds. This is going to be quite interesting.


Let’s start by looking at his face. And this is a picture of him from 2016 compared to a picture of him from 2019 and as you can see, there are some pretty big differences here, especially look at his eyes and his cheeks.

Did Simon Cowell have botox?

So what are causing these changes? Well, the first thing that I believe is that he has had some Botox and Simon actually has been very upfront and open and I really need to give him credit for this, that he has had Botox in the past. But how can Botox create this appearance?

Well, I think that he’s had Botox to two different areas. One good and one not so good. So when you take a look at his forehead and his glabella. The glabella is the area between the eyebrows. That’s the most common area that we treat with Botox. And it helps to treat the 11th sign, which are the wrinkles that you can get in between the eyebrows.

If you inject Botox in that area, this is the most common area that we inject it. It can help smooth those lines and I think that that’s probably what he’s had done.

That in and of itself is not going to create this appearance. But what could create this appearance is if he’s had Botox injected to his forehead, specifically to the sides of his forehead.

So when you take a peek at his forehead, his actual eyebrows have gotten a bit lower and that can occur when you inject Botox to the sides of the forehead, counteracting a muscle called the frontallis muscle.

The frontallis muscle is a muscle that elevate your eyebrows up and down. And if you inject too much Botox into it, it can cause that muscle to weaken and even paralyze and then cause the eyebrows to droop. And that’s why I think his brows look so strange.

The good thing with Botox is that it wears off three to four months later, those results are completely gone and I bet that he looks pretty darn decent right now.

What about his cheeks?

He has lost a bit of weight. As I mentioned earlier, he lost 20 pounds between these pictures and so the face does tend to deflate. But the interesting thing here is that it looks like part of his cheeks have deflated, but parts of them have not.

Does he have fillers?

So I believe he may have had some injections of filler like Juvederm or Restylane into the lower portions of his cheeks, giving him the fullness that you are seeing. If you have filler injected, I usually recommend it into the upper cheeks where it can create a bit of a lifting appearance to your cheeks and not necessarily pull them downward like it appears that Simon has had done.

Has Simon had a facelift?

According to online articles, Simon has come forward saying that he has had some type of a minimally invasive lift done of his face and so the reports are that he may have had a thread lift done.

Threadlifts are on my holistic beauty blacklist. I do not recommend Threadlifts and it’s not because they’re necessarily dangerous or horribly painful, it’s just that they don’t really work.

The studies showed the results will last to six months, maybe a year if you’re lucky. And so for that reason, I do not recommend threadlifts. They’re way too expensive for the temporary result.

What about Simon’s teeth?

We can’t leave his face without talking about his pearly whites. I believe that Simon at some point has had veneers or caps put on his teeth.

When you see celebrities with these blindingly white teeth, the vast, vast, vast majority of them are porcelain. They’re either veneers or they’re caps, and because it is just not natural for a man of his age to have teeth that are that white.

I once had a dentist recommend that I get caps on pretty much all of my teeth. In order to place cats and even veneers, quite often you have to shave off portions of your teeth in order to fit the cap or the veneer over it.

My parents had spent several thousands of dollars on my teeth when I was a kid and the thought of having them shave down and putting caps or veneers over them is absolutely horrifying to me and I’m sure probably to them as well. So whenever you see celebrities and they’ve got these blindingly white teeth, especially if they look like Chiclets, then there’s a good chance that they have veneers or caps.


Well now let’s take a peek at Simon’s body. You can take a look at him from 2016 and then once again in 2019 and you can see that he has lost a significant amount of weight. If you take out the fact that his forehead and his cheeks look kind of odd, possibly from fillers and Botox, he would look really, really good.

So how did he lose so much weight?

He has gone on record that he lost this weight by going vegan and in addition to getting rid of meat and dairy from his diet, he’s also gotten rid of wheat and sugar. And all four of these things are things that I recommend for you. So the first thing is meat. Why should you reduce meat? As a society we eat way, way, way, way too much meat. Now I absolutely admire the vegans out there who are doing this for ethical purposes and who thrive on a vegan diet.

And I also believe that that may be the best diet and people who have significant heart disease as well as cancer. Reducing the meat in your diet and being very choosy with the meat that you eat, choosing grass-fed, pasture-raised, and wild-caught meat, that will definitely be better for your health.

Dairy is inflammatory to your body. So if you’ve got acne or if you’ve got inflammatory skin issues, then the first thing that I recommend is to get rid of the milk, the cheese and the ice cream.

Wheat is also inflammatory for so many of us. And even if you’re not celiac, you can still get bad reactions to wheat. And there are so many people who have gone gluten-free and who have found that their chronic pain improves, that their skin eruptions improve and they overall feels so much better off of gluten.

So if you’ve never tried it, just try it, give it two weeks and see how you feel.

And I bet you may feel a lot better than you do today.

And sugar is the great ager of our bodies. And so if you get rid of something in your diet or reduce it, definitely reducing sugar is super, super important for your skin and your overall health.

I want to commend Simon on looking fantastic and losing the weight at somebody his age. If he didn’t have the Botox and the filler that I think wasn’t quite done. Great. Imagine how awesome he would look.

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