Trisha Paytas plastic surgery

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Trisha Paytas | Before and After

Internet star Trisha Paytas has made a name for herself through blogging, especially for her infamous mukbags and shopping videos. Not to mention a handful of other projects, which include reality, TV singing, and some acting.

Trisha is probably my favorite chick on YouTube. She’s funny, confident, and doesn’t care what people think.

Before and after transformations

Trisha doesn’t hide the fact that she’s gotten and continues to get cosmetic work done. If anything, she’s proud of it.

During her time on “Celebrity big brother”, she even joked:

There’s not one part of my body that’s real

We will break down Trisha’s beauty transformation over the years and see what she’s done to get the look that she has now.

Starting with Trisha’s cosmetic work she doesn’t appear to have any invasive surgeries on her face.  However, she does get fillers done in some areas.

In a few of her YouTube vids over the years, she talked about this, including one from last month where she revealed her new face fillers. She got in her cheeks. These are supposed to help with smile lines.

Trisha is also a self-proclaimed fan of lip injections going so far as to say she’s addicted to them.

At one point, she had to get her top lip dissolve and fixed up a bit because it was looking a little off, which was definitely for the best. Trisha has gotten some hate for her lips, which some say are overdone, but she loves them. So that’s all that matters.

Trisha’s body

So there’s no doubt her curvy figure has become part of her signature look. And I think she looks great even despite all of those mukbangs between the boob job, lipo and fat transfers, there’s definitely some help from cosmetic.

Trisha was always insecure about her chest from a young age admitting in one of her videos:

I’ve wanted surgery since I was 13. One boob was a 36 B while the other was 36D. I’ve had big boobs since the sixth grade and walked around with double bras on for five years before getting surgery

She got her boobs done when she was 23 and like everything else, she has no problem being open about it with her followers.


Trisha’s also gotten liposuction. She got lipo on the back of her arms, which she claims where the part of her body that actually caused her the most insecurity.

Aside from her arms, she also got liposuction on her stomach and back.

On her channel, she spoke about her results from the procedure saying she was super happy with them.

The recovery for liposuction is pretty strict and there are dietary rules you have to follow. Like you can’t just go and eat junk food, not exercise and expect to keep the fat off. However, since Trisha’s kind of famous for eating, she obviously got some judgment when it seems she went back to unhealthy eating habits shortly after the lipo.

Brazilian butt lift

Trisha mentioned getting her butt done in her light bulb videos as well. And this procedure is called a Brazilian butt lift, which have become more popular in recent years. According to the American Board of cosmetic surgery, a Brazilian butt lift is a specialized fat transfer procedure that augments the size and shape of the buttocks without implant, excess fat is removed from the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs with liposuction. And a portion of this fat is then strategically injected into the buttock.

Essentially Trisha stated she wanted to get this done. Not because she was ever insecure about her butt, but because it was trendy.

She said that the recovery period was also pretty long for this procedure explaining you can’t wear pants for a while and it’s hard to sit down normally.

Surgeons recommend that you avoid driving for several weeks afterwards and sitting in line on the area directly for prolonged amounts of time should be off-limits for at least three weeks.

Trisha said that, although it wasn’t painful for, she wouldn’t get it done again. She was expecting more extreme results. I guess she wanted an even bigger booty.

Trisha’s hair and makeup style

One thing I can really relate to her is her love for platinum blonde hair. She’s had the fake blonde hair forever, and I don’t blame her for wanting to keep it that way. She wears extensions to make it as long as it is. And her natural hair is short. Although Trisha has no shame filming her vlogs, all-natural. She never fails to impress with great makeup looks as well.  I think she’s always so glammed. I would describe Trisha’s style is girly with lots of pink sparkles and bling in her wardrobe.

From her videos, you can tell the girl loves anything expensive designer and flashy. However, she also does shopping videos for spots like Target Kmart and affordable online stores. She also loves Disney.

So although it may seem Trisha has had a lot of work done or that she’s fake, she sees the same open bubbly Trisha that we all love. She’s even set on an Instagram caption about her boob job.

I’m always super honest about the work I’ve had done. I’m all about loving yourself, but I’m also a firm believer if you’re unhappy with something, fix it, but do it for you and only you.

I think it’s great that she shares her experiences with her followers and isn’t scared to be open. Trisha’s created a unique style and is always herself. Whether people criticize her or not.

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