Transformation Of Priyanka Chopra

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Priyanka Chopra, Then and Now

Today we’re going to be talking about the beautiful Priyanka Chopra. She’s a 37-year-old actress in American and Indian films. The world first became aware of Priyanka when she won the Miss World title in 2000.

From there she went on to do Bollywood and eventually Hollywood movies.


Priyanka has broken through in Hollywood in a way that few Indian actresses had before her. Priyanka Chopra was born on July 18th, 1982, and Jamshedpur India to her physician parents as Ashok and Madhu Chopra.

Priyanka has a younger brother and she also has three cousins who are Bollywood actresses.

Natural beauty

Let’s talk about Priyanka Chopra’s natural beauty traits. Her smile is gorgeous and she has a naturally wide arch. Another one of Priyanka’s gorgeous traits is her beautiful high cheekbones and Priyanka has the most expressive gorgeous huge eyes. Prior to the Miss World pageant and even afterward Priyanka still had her natural face. She was naturally a very pretty girl.

Having won the title of Miss World surgery-free it makes it all the more surprising to me that Priyanka ended up getting surgery afterward.

Did Priyanka have a nose job?

She reportedly had her first nose job prior to starting her Bollywood career. I found many articles from seemingly reputable sources that do talk about Priyanka nose jobs as well as lip surgeries.

There’s an article from the director of one of her movies and he says quote:

she’s had some nasal surgery done in London where the bridge of her nose had collapsed. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. How could we shoot with the heroines nose looking the way it did.

Vijay Galani producer

There’s a second story from a director who apparently cast Priyanka about four months before she had any plastic surgery and then he proceeded to leave the country and when he came back he saw a photograph of the newly improved Priyanka and he said quote:

That is not Priyanka. That’s someone else. This girl is really awful looking while Priyanka is a pretty girl with a beautiful smile.

Anil Sharma.Director

When he saw Priyanka and her mother he yelled where “was the need to do this” and they did admit that Priyanka had already lost out on three to four movie jobs that her nose will take about six to seven months to heal and that they were very sorry and that they were going to return the check for the movie to the director.

The director really appreciated their honesty and he decided to go ahead with the movie but he did strategic long shots for the film that didn’t focus on Priyanka space. He also hired a really amazing makeup artist to disguise what had happened to Priyanka’s nose.

Looking at Priyanka’s nose I think she’s had at least two rhinoplasties. She has developed what is known as a Polly beak deformity. A Polly beak deformity is a fairly common undesired outcome of rhinoplasty.

What probably ended up happening was she wasn’t given enough tip support and the area above her nose which is called the super tip break ended up coming above her tip you look a little a bit like a bird and that’s why it’s called Polly beak deformity.

Polly beak deformity
Polly beak deformity

This is fixed by giving the tip more support as well as giving support to the sides into the base of the nose through graphs the white bridge is likely the result of multiple thick graphs placed to stabilize her nose. It may have been an attempt to correct the Polly beak deformity by applying a spreader graft to the bridge which is known to give the nose a wider appearance.

I do think that Priyanka’s tried very hard over the years to fix her nose and I’m not exactly sure why it’s in its current state.

She’s still beautiful in the after I just prefer her before nose and I prefer its proximity to her upper lip. You don’t always need a perfect nose and that you could be very beautiful but still not have a perfect nose. There’s a good lesson to be learned here.

When you have a face that’s as beautiful as Priyanka starting out is it worth the risk of a surgeon messing it up. Now if she was extremely unhappy with her nose and she felt ugly if it was a really psychological strain for her I do understand getting it fixed but you do have to do a cost to benefits analysis and is it worth the risk of getting perfection.

It said in plastic surgery that the enemy of good is better.

What about her skin?

Another claim being made by people that I investigated is that Priyanka may have lightened her skin and used various methods to make her skin appear more white or appear paler. As I looked through her photographs I noticed that that was primarily in the beginning of her career as she transitioned to the states and into Hollywood I noticed that she let her darker skin tone come through.

Priyanka has said that she regrets her prior promotion of skin whitening products. During an interview for Vogue magazine, she said

when I was an actor around my early 20s I did a commercial for a skin lightening cream, I was playing that girl with insecurities and what I saw it I was like “oh shit, what did I do”. I started talking about being proud of the way I looked. I actually liked my skin tone.

As nice as it is that Priyanka was able to break through into mainstream Hollywood. It’s really sad that India isn’t inclusive of all skin tone of actresses in their movies.

The practice of skin bleaching is pervasive across the country and especially represented in Bollywood. It’s also a well-known secret that unless an actress’s facial features are augmented to be more westernized that she won’t make it in Bollywood.

Western standards reigned supreme in India and most of Asia. When a baby is born in India one of the things that the relatives start talking about is the baby’s skin tone and is it darker or it paler than its siblings.

I also learned that a pregnant woman is advised to take the spice saffron because they believe that taking saffron will lighten the baby’s skin tone. Darker tone ladies are encouraged to use bleaching agents like steroid cocktails, chemical peels, laser treatments, and intravenous injections to make their skin as light as possible.

Most of these treatments have to be ongoing as well as a lot of them carry with them harmful side effects to the kidneys and other body parts.

I really hope that talking about this openly leads us to start asking questions and really monitoring the way we speak to young people especially young girls about their skin color.

When I did a poll of what you guys thought of United States brands being more inclusive of different skin tones 85% of you guys said that you think that the U.S. is getting better at being inclusive of different skin tones. With the caveat it’s okay to have a different skin tone as long as you have the perfect westernized features.

So it’s kind of a mixed bag it just sounds like we’re getting a bit better.

Does Priyanka Chopra have lip injections

Another feature that Priyanka may have had augmented are her lips. In one of the articles, I read that revealed some of her plastic surgeries. A director mentioned that Priyanka really wanted the pouty lips of Julia Roberts.

When I look at Priyanka’s upper lip and we zoom in on only her lips you can really see the asymmetry of them.

In fact, I think that she has paralysis on the left side of her lip. This could be from a lip implant or another type of facial implants.

In any case, I feel for her it’s very hard to have this type of evenness and be constantly photographed and worrying about it.

Although she’s still very beautiful even with the asymmetry.

Also, the whole appearance of her lip does look a little bit hard like there’s silicone or some other substance in her upper lip.

What I believe is that she may have had an upper lip implant placed because if we look at her early photos her upper lip just wasn’t as full and pouty as it is today.

Lip implants are still done but it was something that was a lot more popular at the beginning of the 2000s. Now in the lower lip, I think she may have had some filler injected and she continues to maintain that filler.

Does she have facial fillers?

Another speculation that I encountered was that Priyanka may have had some facial filler like a facial dermal filler because her face looks a lot more rounded and fulls especially the lower two-thirds of her face.

Before in her pageant days and in her early 20s, she was a bit thinner and now she’s more of her natural voluptuous shape which is beautiful. I do think that she is the type of person who as they age will gain facial fat which is actually great because you will look younger for a lot longer.

So I think that’s what’s going on I don’t think that’s filler in there.

Total costs of all procedures

So let’s add up Priyanka’s procedures

  • rhinoplasty $15,000
  • revision rhinoplasty $15,000
  • lip implant $10,000
  • filler to the lower lip
  • as well as Botox maintenance $2,000

The total cost to look like Priyanka Chopra is $42,000.

Is your country inclusive of all skin tones?

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