Tana Mongeau | Before and After

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Tana before and after

Today we talk about Tana Mongeau. Tana, basically famous for being an internet star on YouTube. I actually first heard about her when I found out she was dating Bella Thorne and I thought the whole thing was pretty wild.

Anyways, that has been over for a while and Tana went on dating with Justin Bieber, Brad Souza for about six months. And now apparently that’s over too as he cheated.

Aside from that Tana also recently announced that she’s getting her own reality show with MTV. So that’s pretty big news. She took to her Instagram on April 29th to write

These are the faces of three people. Jordan is a little questionable who have an MTV reality show. MTV did I mention it’s  MTV. I’ve been holding this secret for almost a year now and my hands are shaking as I type this. Probably the five espressos today. Oh my God. I’m such a working woman now.

She then also admitted she’s always been talentless, but as super excited and honored for this opportunity, the show is going to be called “MTV no filter Tana turns 21”.

I don’t really know how I feel about this, except that it sounds like it’s going to be a hot mess. But as usual, we are not here to talk about Tana’s career or relationships or any of that, even though it’s all entertaining.

Today we’ll look at how tan his appearance has changed since it started her fame. And if we think she’s had any less than natural changes.

Before and after transformations

So let’s start with Tana’s face. There’s a bit of controversy on this subject and plenty speculate that the has gotten work done. It’s also kind of hard to deny when you compare pics from then and now.

Has she done a nose job?

A couple of years ago, Tana posted a video to her channel titled “I got a nose job”. Sounds pretty easy to address her nose in that case. But if you watch the video, she talks about how she got a septoplasty.

It’s actually called a septoplasty, but we’ll let that one slide. Anyways, in this 18-minute long video, she explains that her nose job was for health reasons and not to change its appearance. Therefore it was not a rhinoplasty.

Tana to also address this on her Twitter stating:

If you honestly think I got surgery for cosmetic reasons, you’re dumb. Sorry. Like I straight up explained why I got it.

If you’ve had intense nosebleeds or whole life like Tana than just a corrective surgery is the right idea, but the appearance of our noses significantly different these days as well. And I don’t think a surgery fixing nosebleeds would make your nose smaller and smoother.

Looking at your nose before from a side view and looking at more recent videos, it looks like a totally new one. I really noticed Tana’s perfect looking nose in a photo. She recently posted with Bella.

First of all, the caption was like,

“I can’t really imagine where I don’t love you”.

Second of all, her nose looks perfect as I said, that is not the same nose. Tana has her own nose doctor who she’s posted to take with. And he’s been in blogs of hers, like when she has to get steroid injections in her nose.

So clearly she isn’t making up her nose issues. Although I believe all of this was for medical reasons. I still don’t think it explains where her new, smaller, sleek nose came from.

Does she have lip fillers?

I’m not sure if Tana has any other work done on her face, but I’m thinking she’s at least gotten lip fillers. Her lips, these days look way bigger than before and sometimes look super puffy. Definitely not how they used to look back in the day.

Hair changes

Looking at Tana’s hair she doesn’t hide the fact that she bleaches it and wears extensions for length. She’s even said in her videos before that she dies at blonde because she’s an ugly brunette. And honestly being blonde can be addicting. She’s also been called out about having bad hair extensions. Sometimes when Tana puts her hair up, you can totally see where they attach to her head and pretty sure the type of extensions she has are tape ends.

So really with these, it’s almost impossible to do a high ponytail without them showing. Hair extensions are so common. So it’s not a big deal, but Tana should probably do a better job of hiding them since she has so many people watching her, every move.


Tana also likes to wear a lot of makeup. It’s pretty obvious considering how different she looks without it. But this is also something she doesn’t try to hide. Like the girl has makeup tutorials called how to cake your face like a pro.

I totally respect that she has no shame and uses it to her advantage. I mean, doesn’t that make her more relatable?

Another thing about Tana look is that she loves showing off her body. I’m pretty sure her body’s all-natural, but who knows these days. Looking at her Instagram feed, which is at 3.6 million followers at the time of this article, you can see that a good percentage of her pics are half-naked. Tana clearly loves a good bikini photo but I can’t deny that she does look pretty good in a swimsuit.

All of Tana Coachella outfits this year were also pretty shocking, but at least she looks like she was having fun with them. Tana’s style is definitely trendy and she dresses for her age. I guess only time will tell if her fashion choices will stay the same, or if she’ll evolve as she gets older.

Looking at how Tana has changed over the last few years, I think we can see some pretty big differences. Although in the past, the stars denied getting work done, such as saying her nose job was only medical procedure some of her fans disagree. And honestly, when you look at the side view of Tana’s face these days compared to before, it definitely looks different.


Tana’s fame only seems to be rising, especially with an MTV reality show of the way. She’s only 20 at the time of this article as well. So I’m sure in the years to come, we will see more changes and transformations from the star.

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