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After causing public backlash with about the coronavirus on social media Summer Walker’s in the spotlight again, but this time for a different reason, she’s left us all shocked after posting new photos and videos in which she’s unrecognizable.

It looks like the singer has gotten a completely new look with the help of some cosmetic work, but don’t get it twisted summer doesn’t have much shame when it comes to being open about her plastic surgeries.

Today we’ll break down exactly how Summer has changed her appearance. Summer Walker is a singer and songwriter who rose to fame out of nowhere. It seems her debut studio album over it was released last October and got universal praise from critics debuting at number two on the Billboard chart.

Summer made history when this album or in biggest streaming debut ever for a female R and B artist, and also won best new artist at the soul train music awards last year.

Just a few years back though, Summer was working on her hustle and look completely different from the growth we see today.

From 2016 to 2018, she had a small cleaning business. While at the same time working as a stripper in Atlanta. So really things changed for her in the blink of an eye. And she wasted no time on switching up to look either.

One is a night job, one is a day job

As I mentioned, Summer, just posted some pics, looking like a whole new person, but just everyone wondering what work the singer had done. So that’s what we’ll be trying to figure out.

We’re going to be looking at Summer Walker and her transformation over the last few years from her early days as a cleaning lady and now with her brand new look. A lot of fans speculate over what cosmetic work Summers had done, and she has admitted to some of it too. So we’ll put all that together.

Summer only broke out onto the scene like last year for the most part, or that’s when we all quickly found out who she was, everyone loved her music and the girl definitely had the star power, to say the least, but it seems like only yesterday, she was working on two hustles three when you count her music career. And like I said, from 2016, till 2018 Summers working as both a cleaning lady and a stripper at the same time.

In fact, Summer’s account for her cleaning business is still up and it’s super cute. According to her Insta, she provided cleaning services for commercial residences, as well as for homes. She also did laundry and closet organization, scrubbed bathrooms, and cleaned up refrigerators.

Honestly, seeing this, maybe like her a lot more, not only do I get that same crazy satisfaction from keeping things clean and organized, it also shows how hard of a worker the girl is. And she was damn good at everything. On her business account are selfies with rubber gloves posted before and after bits of her work and showed off her amazing organization skills.

She apparently charged only $25 an hour for services

She apparently charged only $25 an hour for services. And although these days she’s selling out shows and making mad money, she’s admitted to missing the free scent of cleaning products Fabuloso. Anyways, from this account, we can see how different she looked only a few years back.

Summer was fresh-faced with no noticeable tattoos compared to now. And definitely not on her face. We’ll say that was her before fame look because since we all got to know her, she’s had quite the transformation.

When Summer broke out onto the scene last year, she already had a pretty edgy vibe with her tattoos, face tattoos, and piercings. There’s also the possibility she had some cosmetic enhancements done like her butt, for example, but nothing would prepare fans for the big changes about to come to her appearance.

Last week, the R and B singer poses in a white cutout jumpsuit writing EP coming soon, babies in the caption and leaders shared another scandalous post, a video where she wore a black bra fishnets and white booty shorts underneath. Her followers instantly notice she looks much different than before starting speculation she had plastic surgery again because this wasn’t the first time.

Fans wrote comments such as,

Oh wow. It looks like a whole different person.

You are unrecognizable

SIS done changed her whole face.

I like the old Summer better.

Some say it was because makeup artists, an internet celeb Nikita Dragon did her makeup. Who’s the queen of contouring, but I think that’s a stretch.

I know makeup can really transform you, but let’s be real. Not that much. So what does Summer get done to create this huge transformation?


Let’s take a look at Summer’s face. When we compare pics over the past few years, she definitely looks different. Before she was already naturally pretty and didn’t need to change anything.

She had great skin and great face shape. At the time of this article, Summer is only 24. So there she would have only been like 20 and still so young.

Anyways, besides the face tattoos and piercings, she added on, she got some work done too. Fans claim that Summer admitted to getting dental surgery done to her cheeks so she would have the look of dimples.

Has she done a nose job?

The elephant in the room is obviously Summer’s nose. And this changed your face drastically. The first plastic surgery talks began in mid-February when Summer took a pic in front of her mirror, trying to show off a new neck tattoo fans focus more on her facial features though stating her nose was obviously slimmer and accusing her of getting a rhinoplasty.

Simmer appeared to ignore the noise. But as she posted, people kept talking through rumors, made headlines in March and again on April 11th, which was her birthday.

Then Summer removed all photos from her Instagram and only shows a few week’s posts at the moment.

Comparing photos of Summer’s nose before and after you can see how different her face really looks not to mention those latest photos she posted have her looking like a brand new person. Honestly, I wouldn’t have recognized her. I’m convinced she got a nose job for sure, as it’s super slim and small now was changed her face completely.

She looks even more different from when rumors first started. So there’s a chance she got other stuff done to her face, maybe even fillers, but I’m not sure. What do you guys think?

Her nose isn’t the only thing that Summer went under the knife for.

Has she got a boob job?

Now, let’s see how she has transformed her body. First of all, Summer has done a boob job, which I think looks obvious in most photos. It’s no doubt she loves showing off her bought in sexy outfits. And in the past, her chest looks a lot less full than it does these days.

According to press online, the R and B singer has actually admitted to getting implants, but I’m not sure when. Comparing this photo from when Summer was younger, for example, with more recent pics, the differences obvious. Not only are they bigger, but they’re also rounder and have the look of some cosmetic assistance.

Summer’s tiny waist is always a topic of conversation with fans as well because it almost looks too small to believe at times. I really don’t know what she would have had done there though when she’s always had a small frame. So I think enhancing her other curves is just making the area much more noticeable, not to mention she loves her corset. So I’m sure that makes a difference as well.

What about her butt?


Finally, as most of you probably know, Summer had her butt enhance and was always open about this. She has no shame about it.

Apparently, before plastic surgery, she didn’t have a butt. Her back just went straight down. Fans do say that for someone with booty enhancements Summer looks natural and she gets a lot of love for that.

It definitely isn’t flat anymore. That’s for sure. I’m going to guess that she got a BBL or Brazilian butt lift, which is the cosmetic procedure that most celebrities seem to opt for when they’re looking to grow their booty a little bit. And it’s essentially a type of fat transfer to your behind.

Whatever the case summer seems to be pretty pleased with her curbs these days. So that’s all that matters.


Miss summer Walker has changed drastically from her days before fame. And we’ve seen that from how she looked when she was still doing her cleaning business. She’s always been cute but was naturally pretty then and a lot more innocent looking. It’s clear that the star wanted to embrace a new look and started her transformation.

These days Summer added on plenty of tattoos and piercings to her body and face giving her an edgier vibe. And she also got some plastic surgery. Although she’s open about going under the knife the only thing she’s admitted – butt enhancements and a boob job, it’s pretty clear Summer has had more work done, which includes that new nose.

Everyone’s so shocked about. I think that a person should do whatever makes the most confident, but I can’t disagree with Summer fans. She looks like a completely different person, but I want to hear from you guys, what do you think about summer’s transformation?

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