Sssniperwolf Plastic Surgery

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Sssniperwolf | Before and After

We are going to talk about Sssniperwolf. If you were born yesterday and don’t know who Sssniperwolf is, she’s one of the biggest YouTubers in the game. Actually, I didn’t know about her till about a year ago, so don’t feel so bad. She’s best known for being a gamer, but there’s plenty of other videos on her channel now, everything from blogs to reaction videos.

For success on the platform is huge. And Sssniperwolf is definitely rolling in all of her YouTube success at the moment. Sssniperwolf’s real name is Alia Shalesh, but she claims her real first name is Leah.

She was born October 22nd, 1992 in England. But these days she lives in LA. Now she says she’s from Greek and Turkish descend, but I’ve heard she’s actually Iraqi. She speaks Arabic with an Iraqi accent and her name is apparently an Iraqi name.

There seem to be some mixed reviews about the girl. I mean, on one hand, Sssniperwolf has loyal and huge following for years. Now her “Wolf pack” with over 16 million subs on YouTube and 4.3 million on Instagram at the time of this article.

But on the other hand, she seems to have a lot of haters and enemies too. I’m no expert, but some dislike Leah because they say she lies into some generally shady stuff. She has been accused of faking gameplay, lying a ton about her past, including her nudes, cyberbullying others, and just being generally unpleasant often towards other famous girls too.

She also was arrested with her men, Evan Sausage way back.

The girl has changed a lot since the early days. A lot of online threads say that Leah often shames others for getting cosmetic work yet she’s clearly done some herself, but she doesn’t admit to anything.

We’re not here to talk about Sssniperwolf ‘s YouTube, channel, her drama, or anything else except her transformation over the past few years. We’re going to see if we can figure out whether she’s lying about her changes or not.

We’re going to look at Leah Sssniperwolf, the rumored plastic surgery she’s had done and just her transformation from then till now.

Before and after transformations

She denies getting work done. Let’s take this tweet for example when she said:

I just read an article about myself, about how I got surgery to fix my chin, nose, and lips, LMAO what? I’ve never done anything for F’s sake.

Why don’t we look at an old pickup from before? First of all, let’s get obvious out of the way those eyebrows were not serving Leah any looks that’s for sure. I think she actually looks older here, aside from her eyebrows, which were probably cool at that time.

We can see that Sssniperwolf’s nose, lips, and just her face in general, look a lot of different back then than they do now.

Has she done a nose job?

Really clear to me that Sssniperwolf had a nose job. Before her nose was larger and had a bit of a bump to it. And these days there’s no evidence of any bumps. It’s just perfectly straight and looks smaller. She did admit to having surgery on her nose though, but not a rhinoplasty. Sssniperwolf posted it in a blog explaining that she’s getting a septoplasty because she has breathing problems and a deviated septum and makes it clear that it’s for no other reason.

So the whole point of my surgery, I am getting a septoplasty. I know it sounds like rhinoplasty, which is a nose job, which is for cosmetic purposes.

One thing that it’s a great excuse if Leah’s surgery is actually just to fix her breathing, they wouldn’t have to break her nose, which is what they do in rhinoplasty to alter the shape. So then why did she have bruises under her eyes post-surgery?

I’m going to be making videos. Cause I do daily uploads. You guys always see me. I have no time to recover. I can’t  take off a week, take off a couple of months while I recover. I’m going to be doing videos that I’m going to look really weird and gross. And I’m probably going to have black eyes or something and just be really swollen and ugly.

That’s supposed to only happen after a rhinoplasty. Can you blame fans for thinking she lied? Anyways, Sssniperwolf’s nose looks a lot different than it used to. So I think she did get a little cosmetic tweaking done there.

Has she done lip injections?

Now let’s look at Sssniperwolf lips. Let’s remember that she says she’s all-natural and has never had any work done.

What’s so bad about just admitting that you got some fillers they’re everywhere these days. When we look at Leah’s lips before we can see that they were a lot thinner and look different with her face.

Now they’re extra full and changed her look quite a bit. Even in videos, they look really plump when she talks. Why bother lying about it?

What about her chin?

There’s also been speculation that sniper will have got some work done on her chin. I’m not sure if it will be plastic surgery or some form of face fillers, but her chin used to look a bit longer and more angular in the past.

her chin used to look a bit longer and more angular in the past

Looking at more recent photos or even in her videos, you can tell her face sheet looks a bit different, almost rounder and less sharp. I know the word is that Leah Photoshops helps too.

I’m not sure if she got any work done on her chin, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Her face shape does look different, especially in the chin area so give you the judge.

Does she have cheek fillers?

Something that Sssniperwolf also has cheek fillers, but I’m not so sure about that. I mean, it could be the reason her face shape is a bit different, but Leah claims it’s just with age and gaining weight, Sssniperwolf doesn’t show her teeth too much in pics, but she says she doesn’t like to.

Some comments online saying that she may have veneers, but it’s hard to prove since there aren’t many photos of her smiling with teeth.

Her teeth do look better in her videos these days compared to some older pics, but her lips could be hiding most of her smile anyway.

I really do think she looks prettier these days. I mean, we all evolve over time. That’s for sure. For the record, I don’t think there’s a problem with getting plastic surgery at all. I think everyone’s issue is that she denies it while at the same time bashes, plenty of other women for getting work done.


Looking online there are also different opinions about whether she’s all-natural here or not. I think it can be hard to tell too because Leah is known to Photoshop her picks a lot or so they say.

Boob job

First of all, there’s speculation that Leah got a boob job. And I think it’s mixed reviews. Back in 2014, she answered some questions fans had and denied having breast implants.

Why did people ask me about breast implants? I don’t have any plastic surgery. Let me just clear that up right now. Everything is a hundred percent real. And will I ever get some? No, it’s just, I don’t know. It’s really a stupid assumption.

But she also denied getting any work done there. So given the other research, I don’t know whether to believe her or not. Sometimes Leah’s boobs appear to be a lot smaller while other times they look at least a few cups sizes bigger.

So what exactly is going on here? Some things that she just loves pushup bras and knows how to make her chest look bigger than it actually is.

Even commenting online that they’ve spotted her pushup bra on the floor in the background. I can see this being true, but especially in photos that were a few years older, Sssniperwolf seems to wear similar styles that did push up her boots.

Now though, I really don’t know. She could have just gained weight and naturally a bigger chest, but in more recent pics for boobs look like they could be fake. In these cases, it doesn’t look like she could be wearing one of her padded bras with those outfits and her boobs just look much higher and full.

Let’s not forget. Sssniperwolf has been very clear in the past how much she doesn’t like fake boobs, but then you can see, she also tweeted back in 2013:

I got to pay for school bills and a car. I don’t have 10 K to spare for fake boobs yet

Now we all know that she has enough money to get a bunch of fake boobs if she wanted them. So it’s very possible.

Aside from the mysterious boobs, we can see that Sssniperwolf poses a great figure to me though. Her body looks different from photo to photo. And like I mentioned, the internet is convinced Leah Photoshops her pics a lot.

Even her face in plenty of photos looks like it’s been face tuned so much. It starts to look like it’s not even her. So I don’t put it past her that she edits the rest. She states:

I don’t Photoshop any of my pics. I don’t have time for that. You think I got time to take a selfie, put it on my computer, Photoshop that, send it back to my phone, post it on Instagram.

So as usual Sssniperwolf denies it. But I guess there’ve been some times when she makes him a rookie mistakes, like the background being warped or something blurred out.

Once again, Leah says, it’s just that she learned to pose better and stuff or blamed it on the blankets.

Let’s just say that Sssniperwolf is all-natural and doesn’t Photoshop her body either.

What are the girl’s secrets to keeping fit?

In the past, Leah has said that she doesn’t work out and doesn’t like working out. She has posted video showing proof that she does actually exercise though. And tries just maybe she’s in that consistent.

Leah, more recently posted on her other channel, “little Leah” a video of her workout routine, which was more legit.

She clearly has a gym in her house so obviously she does some physical activity, but who knows how often?

I don’t think that Sssniperwolf follows any specific diet or nutrition plan, either.

Whatever she does to keep her body fit. If she isn’t editing her picks, as they say, then good for her. She must have a good metabolism to look that fit.

Hair and make-up look

Wrapping up Sssniperwolf ‘s transformation. I don’t think there’s anything major that has changed in terms of her hair or makeup. Look like we already know her eyebrows look a million times better now than the early days, which obviously changed her face.

Leah also wears contact lenses sometimes, which would explain why she looks different when she rocks her natural eye color first, the lenses.

Her hair has always been pretty much the same dark brown color, which seems to suit her and is definitely a signature of her.

It’s no doubt that Sssniperwolf has changed a lot since the start of her YouTube career. She’s been on the platform for a while, although age and weight changes can definitely make a difference in one’s appearance.

She never admitted to getting work done and likely never will. But when you see before and after pics, it seems pretty obvious that she’s gone under the knife whether it’s the nose job, some lip fillers, or even a different shape to her chin and jaw Sssniperwolf face looks different these days.

What do you guys think? Are the rumors true? And is Sssniperwolf not being honest with her fans about getting plastic surgery?

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