Nicole Kidman: Plastic Surgery Review

Nicole Kidman Before And After | Then And Now | Changing Face

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We are going to give you a celebrity overview of Nicole Kidman Nicole.

Kidman has gone through some different transformations in her celebrity career. There were several times where she looked puffy, and her face couldn’t move. Why does that happen?

Did she use botox injection?

When people have had too much what’s called neuromodulator, that goes by different brand names like Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport. When people can’t move their face, it’s because they’ve had too much.

It’s kind of considered what’s called baby Botox, so a little bit all over does actually give you the best overall. When it’s done too much, there’s too much Botox XEOMIN or Dysport you can’t move your face, and it hinders women’s beauty when they go and interact with people because people can’t they have no idea what they’re trying to convey if they’re happy, are they sad, are they excited, are they scared, or they’re terrified, are they alive. All of these treatments are always needing to be done with the blend of half art and a half science.

So when you’ve seen Nicole Kidman, and she can’t move her face, that’s not filler that’s a neuromodulator.

Too many fillers?

When you’ve seen Nicole Kidman and her cheeks are big. Her lips are plump, and she looks puffy. That’s when she’s been a little bit over treated with dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are highly erotic acid. There are other types of fillers as well that even stimulate your body’s own ability to make collagen. But the hyaluronic acid fillers are the most commonly Spiller’s out there.

Some of the brand names you probably have heard of are Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, TOC. There are lots of other ones.

There have been times where Nicole Kidman has been a little bit flat and hasn’t been able to express her smile correctly, and there have been other times where her face looks puffy.

In Nicole Kidman’s latest show “Big Little Lies” in the first season, she was looking pretty good. She probably could tone down on me leaders a little bit, so she has a bit more expression pretty much all of the cast in that show have no lines between their brows, so it’s a pretty darn good indicator.

 In the second season, her jaw was looking nice and sharp and well-formed, and what happened between the first and second season was she had filler to her marionette zone.

 Plus, what she did differently between season 1 & 2 was she kept up with her neuromodulators and had a little bit of dermal filler to her jawline because she looked a little bigger and fuller compared to her cheeks.

Nicole Kidman: date of birth, height, weight, plastic surgery

Date of birth / place of birth June 20, 1967 / USA, Hawaii, Honolulu
Occupation Actress, producer, singer.
Height, weight, body parameters


180 cm / 56 kg / 90 – 58 – 91 cm (chest-waist-hips).


Confirmed plastic surgeries Mammoplasty, Botox
Not confirmed plastic Lip fillers
Real Name Nicole Mary Kidman
Relationship Married to Keith Urban
Children Connor Cruise, Isabella Jane Cruise, Faith Margaret Kidman Urban, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban
Eye Color Blue
Bra Size 32B

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