Nicki Minaj: Body Plastic Surgery

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Nikki Minaj was born on December 8th, 1982 in port James of Spain, which is a district of Trinidad and Tobago to her parents, father Robert, a financial executive, and a part-time gospel singer and her mother Carol, who’s also a gospel singer and well look at her mother. Nikki is her spitting image. She’s a beautiful woman. There’s no way to talk about Nicki Minaj without first talking about her stunning face.

She has some of the best forward growth structure I’ve ever seen with her wide cheekbones and amazing bone structure Nikki is simply a breathtakingly beautiful woman.

Nikki’s body

Nicki Minaj stands at five-two, and she started out with a small body frame with their proportionate chest legs and hips that were not wide. Nikki has always had a very proportionate chest size for her body. Had she have been a regular person and not a celebrity, but she also had to hold her own against males in the music industry.

When deciding if someone has had breast implants, I look at the area of right here near the armpit as this is an often overlooked area.

Normally, if someone has breast implants, they have a very round bulging area right here just as Nicky does.

I believe that Nicky had her breast augmentation here.

Now, these were probably a modest size implant. For me, I really love this breast augmentation. It’s actually perfect for her body as there still enough of a fat layer over her implants to give her a natural-looking cleavage. And it’s still conceivable to the untrained eye that they could be her real chest. I do think that Nicki Minaj did have more than one set of breast implants. As we look at the following progression photos, notice how the new augmentation takes up much more room on Nicki’s chest wall.

This is Nikki’s second set of implants and they look much bigger, possibly twice as large.

And they now have a shiny appearance. When you see this shiny area on implants, what it means is that the breast is mostly taken up by the implant with little fat to cover over the implants. Now you may be asking why Nikki has had two augmentations. Well, it could be a couple of reasons. Many times when a patient is wanting to have a much larger breast, they have to do it in a two-step process. I’m not a hundred percent sure why you have to get two augmentations to get to a certain size. But my guess is that there’s a stretching of muscle and skin tissue that needs to happen. And it just can’t happen all at once. Now, another reason why she may have gotten a second set of breast implants is simply having boob greed.

So boop greed is when you get one set of implants for the first time and they look really swollen. But then as the swelling goes down, you kind of get disillusioned and start thinking that your breasts are very small. So then you decide to go in for a bigger set of breast implants.

Liposuction to her abdomen

The next procedure Nicki Minaj likely had was liposuction to her abdomen and then had the fat transferred into her hips.

Now, what this did was give her hips a very rounded appearance and it gave her that bombshell figure that she has now. Sometimes even called a molar shape for its resemblance to a molar tooth.

After this hip procedure, we see a big difference in Nikki’s hips, as they’re now rounded, and her whole body takes on an hourglass shape.

Famous butt

While Nicki has always had a beautiful figure, all her features have always been in proportion from her bust waist and butt. From looking at Nikki’s photos it’s pretty obvious that she’s had her butt augmented with butt implants.

The reason that I think that Nicki Minaj had butt implants, instead of the other ways of augmenting the butt is because button plants are generally used in women who are pretty thin and don’t have a lot of extra fat.

I do think that Nicki was very thin when she had her first set of butt implants placed.

Butt implants are made out of silicone that resembles a breast implant, but it is a much harder type of implant. They’re then surgically placed into your buttocks through an incision in between your butt cheeks.

Butt implants add a lot of volume to the butt. And they’re great if you want a lot of augmentation. In addition to Nikki having butt implants, I do think that she’s had additional fat injected over those implants to both help the contour of them, and also to give her an even more round and beautiful shape.

The end result of Nicky’s butt implants and also fat transfer is a high butt that is both rounded at the top and at the bottom. A couple of years ago, some really unflattering photos surfaced of Nikki. It appeared that the skin on her butt was drooping down and in this photo, it also seemed as though there was an implant that was higher than the skin of her butt.

After these photos surface, Nikki was quite upset. And I do think that afterward, she had a butt lift. Now a butt lift would take care of any sagging skin on the butt. So Nikki may have had a butt-lift to excise the droopy skin and give more perkiness to her. But I do want to let you guys know that Nicki Minaj has never denied having body surgery. Now she’s never admitted to it, but she’s famously stayed silent on the issue, which in my mind is second only to admit that you had plastic surgery.

Having Nicky monoecious beautiful body is like having a Ferrari they’re amazing sights to behold, but they require a lot of maintenance.

Butt implants are not like breast implants with those. You can put them in and virtually forget about them, but with butt implants, they’re just more fragile. You almost have to baby them and nobody knows how button plants will age.

You may be able to keep them in, but more than likely, you’ll have to get them out. As you get older, if you do need to remove them, it’s quite likely that you’ll need a butt lift afterward because the tissues would have sagged and stretched during that time. If you do decide to get butt implants, remember that it’s very surgeon dependent, find a surgeon who does a lot of them, and who is well known. Don’t rush the research. Be absolutely sure.

Trust your gut overall, if something doesn’t feel right, or if you don’t trust the surgeon, don’t go through with it.

How much does it cost to look like Nicki Minaj:

  • butt implants, $14,000,
  • the second set of butt implants, $14,000
  • Brazilian butt lift, $16,000,
  • two sets of implants at $15,000 each
  • fat transfer on top of button plants, $12,000,
  • another Brazilian butt lift at $16,000

The total cost to have a body like Nicki Minaj, $102,000.


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