Meghan Markle Plastic Surgery

Meagan Markel has certainly changed from the actress on suits to Prince Harry's wife.

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Let’s take a look at how Megan has really transformed over the years to talk about if she’s possibly had any plastic surgery and any other enhancements and changes to her physical appearance.


Let’s take a look at Megan’s hair now.

Megan is biracial. Her mother is african-american, her father is Caucasian and her hair naturally is extremely curly. It’s afro-textured hair. So you can see when she was very young her hair was very tightly curled. Beautiful curls and here are a couple of photos of her when she was around five and six years old and then another photo of her when she was a little bit older.

Here’s another photo of Megan when she was earlier in her teens and look at how long and curly her hair is.

Now we have not seen Megan Markel where her hair curly at all since she’s been a public figure. Take a look at the right. This is a very recent photo Begich trademark style has always been straight hair. Over the years she has gone from processing it a lot more you can see here that her hair was very straight and also color-treated and so it does show signs of having some damage but she’s always worn her hair straight.


Megan’s weight changes over the years.

On the Left we have a photo of her that was taken around at the time that she was an actress on suits. She naturally has very thin legs but her midsection has always been a little bit wider and she did carry a little bit of weight in her midsection and her arms you can see on the left are larger than they are now. Take a look at the right you can see that she has completely lost any sign of any weight in her midsection. Her legs are very very very thin and this was taken after her wedding and I do know that she was stressed out with not only the wedding planning but all of the drama that her family was creating prior to the wedding and it could be a combination of intentional weight loss and also stress that caused her to lose a pretty significant amount of weight.

I would say that for her frame she could be seen as a little bit underweight in her current state.

Teeth and lips

Let’s also take a look at Megan’s teeth and her lips.

Now there have been some reports that maybe she has had some lip fillers done. Her lips are pretty natural.

You can see here’s a photo of her when she was quite young her lips look exactly the same and her teeth I do not think that she’s had veneers I do think that she’s had some type of braces. Her teeth look pretty much the same. Of course, she’s had some cosmetic whitening done as well but I don’t think that she’s had anything really done to her lips and her teeth.


Let’s take a look at what’s happening with Megan’s nose.

I am pretty positive that Megan has had some type of rhinoplasty done.  You can see in this earlier photo of her on the left she does have a very small gap between the end of her nose and the top of her upper lip. Now if you look at a very recent photo this is actually a photo that was taken right after she got engaged you can see that there is a much wider space in between her nose and her upper lip.

She has had some type of cosmetic work done in her nose not major rhinoplasty but definitely on the sides and definitely on the tip to give her a little bit more of a streamlined nose appearance.

Overall we can say that Megan has certainly transformed from her younger days into the Duchess that she is today.

  • Do you think that Megan has had other cosmetic surgery done&?

More Information About Meghan Markle:

  • Real Name: Rachel Meghan Markle
  • Birthday: 4th of August 1981
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Race / Ethnicity: African-American, Dutch-Irish
  • Occupation: Former Actress & Promotional Model
  • Net Worth: $7 Million
  • Relationship: Married to Prince Harry
  • Children: None
  • Height: 1.71 m (5 ft 7 in)
  • Weight: 56 kg (123 lb)
  • Body Measurement: 34-25-34 Inches
  • Bra Size: 34C
  • Dress Size: 4 (US)
  • Shoe Size: 8 (US)
  • Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown

Meghan Markle Transformation 2018 | From 1 To 36 Years Old

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