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One young star who’s received a ton of fame from the internet is Lele Pons. She was known for being super popular on the vine app before it shut down in 2016, actually being dubbed the most looped and most followed Viner of all time. Laylay then moved her biz onto YouTube. Now with over 14 million subscribers on her channel.

Lele is only 23 years old at the time of this article. And she acquired her fame a few years back when she was even younger, becoming a public figure so quickly can definitely have an effect on you, which probably has quite a bit to do with Lilly’s big transformation. The star was born in Venezuela, but moved to the US at the age of five, as you probably all know, Lele is best known for her silly and comedic videos. Often doing sketches or short skits where she’s a klutz hurts herself or something along those lines.

She’s opened up about being bullied back when she was in high school. And so that even back then she would get hurt to make them laugh because she wanted to make friends.

So maybe that’s where she gets her sense of humor. From these days, Lele is a bombshell and looks super confident and glam on her social media. If you didn’t see pics of her before, you probably wouldn’t know, it’s the same person. Lilly’s pretty open about changes she’s made to her looks and doesn’t seem to lie to her fans. She also makes it clear that she wasn’t always the same stating

I’m not like the cool girls. I’m the other girl, the one that’s basically a nerd, but proud of that.

Well, I’m sure now there’s more than enough people who would call Lele cool considering she has 36 million followers on Instagram at the moment.

That’s a lot of fans, although Lele has a thriving and growing career with plenty of projects on the go, such as modeling, singing, and even book writing today we’re going to be focusing more on her looks and transformation.


So let’s start with Lily’s face and the changes she’s made. It’s pretty clear how much the star’s appearance has changed in a few years. And I think it’s mostly because of her nose job.

Did she get a nose job?

Lele is open about the fact that she got a rhinoplasty and seems to be happy with her decision.

In 2015 is when Lele decided to get this procedure done and looking at before and after pics, you can really see how much of a difference her new nose made. She took to Twitter when she got her nose job and openly told her fans about it saying:

sorry, I haven’t been posting a lot lately, been in recovery. Cause yes, I did get a nose job.

Hashtag: do what makes you happy.

Before Lily had a much bigger nose and post-surgery, it became much sleeker and more feminine either way. I think the change looks great. 

And in older Instagram post, Lele thanks her doctor, dr. Kassir for his work and writes:

yes, I got a nose job.

I believe that you should do whatever makes you happy and feel confident. This is something I always wanted to do and waited until the right time to do it. It was my own choice. The important thing is that you don’t change who you are inside. Thank you so much, dr. Kassir for the amazing surgery.

She had said that she’s wanted to get it done since she was 13. So she clearly had her mind made up a long time ago.

Looking at Lily’s photos it doesn’t seem to me that she has gotten any more plastic surgery.

Did she get lip injections?

I do think she’s gotten some fillers. Lele seems to have bigger lips than she did a few years ago.

Lip fillers often have the ability to make one look even more glamorous and they give a sexy look too, I could be wrong about it, but looking at Lele’s lips before and the way that they look more recently, there’s definitely the possibility that she gets them pumped up a bit.

If not, she might just be really good at making them look fuller with liner and lipstick, who knows.

Lele has only ever admitted to her nose job and says that any other changes were just from growing up or a really good glow up. I think that she looks great and you can tell how confident she is in her own skin so that’s what matters.


Let’s move on to Lily’s body. It’s no doubt that the girl has a great figure.

And she seems to like showing it off posting plenty of bikini photos on her Instagram. And at the same time, she still likes to be silly and not take herself too seriously.

Occasionally, Lele post content that pokes fun at how a lot of picks these days can be Photoshop, which is definitely accurate. Standing at five-six, although she isn’t considered model height Lailey is still taller than many girls that has never stopped her from modeling either.

In 2017, Lele became a brand ambassador for Cover girl and walk the runway for Dolce and Gabbana and Milan.

Layla always looks toned and fit and has curves that suit her body shape really well. Although she has a nice body, I really don’t she has any work done.

She’s still young and it would appear that everything on her body is natural or at least that’s what I think.

Diet and lifestyle

Although Layla has made schizo jokes about being on diets. I’m not sure what her eating habits are like, whatever she’s doing seems to be working through.

Lele hasn’t reported on what exercise she does either, but there’s been the odd photo of her in the gym. So I assume she makes time for some form of workouts.

Lele did post some content in the past where she works out with fellow content, creator, and influencer, Jen Selter, who’s known for her fit body and working out, but the girls made it seem like more of a joke than anything else. Lele seems to be confident in her body.

She definitely gives off a positive body image to her fans as well.

Hair changes

Let’s take a look at Lele’s hair changes over time. The star’s natural hair colors, actually Brown, but for the longest while she’s been a blonde and seems to like it that way.

Once you go bond, it’s hard to want to go back. Lele has had more of a highlighted blonde hairstyle rather than all-over color for a long time, which looks pretty natural in her.

Then a couple of years ago, she gradually went blonder until she rocked in all over platinum blonde color. She also tried short hair around the same time.

In 2017 was also in Lele faced some backlash concerning a hair donation.

She claimed to make fans accused of star, faking their hair donation to cancer patients saying that the chop tear, she posted, looked like a set of extensions.

Lele explained herself on Twitter and said

To help clear any assumptions. I cut my hair with the intention of donating it. Sadly after trying, I learned charities who donate wigs, don’t accept color-treated hair. So I’m finding other ways to help those affected by hair loss because of cancer. This is still a priority for me.

She also told refinery 29 that the extensions or locks of hair that she showed me, Instagram pic were just for reference and provided a picture of her actual ponytail of her. Anyways, Lele kept her shorter white blonde hair for a while, but these days she’s back to more of a darker and natural blonde, which is long once again. She’s also tried plenty of other colors and styles in between like this red hair and this style that was curlier than usual.

I really love when she rocked this multicolored look as well.

I also think that Lele has had some type of hair extensions because there are times when her hair is much shorter and usually it’s extremely long. Either way, I think the hair that she has now suits her really well and looks natural.


Lele has transformed her look pretty drastically over the past few years, she’s still the same girl that fans fell in love with. Her personality and sense of humor have seemed to see the same aside from maybe some added confidence post nose-job. Lele is still in her early twenties, so it’s likely she’ll evolve even more over the course of her career. Hopefully, this YouTube star will continue to stay true to herself and open and honest with her fans because it definitely makes her much more real.

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