Lady Gaga Beauty Procedure Transformation (Facial Fillers, Rhinoplasty)

Lady Gaga | Transformation From 5 To 32 Years Old.

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Lady Gaga is such a well-known singer she’s so talented and she is also beautiful.

Lady Gaga first came on the scene I completely adored her look everything from her style to her face to her body I loved the whole package that was Gaga. She epitomized coolness.  I really think the industry made her feel like her unique look and her amazing talent just wasn’t good enough. That is what initially made her feel very insecure.

Fillers & Lip injections

Let’s start with fillers. Lady Gaga has admitted to getting fillers and Botox in the past.  She’s never mentioned where she got the fillers placed but I do believe that it may have been in her lips.


As far as the Botox I’m speculating that she might have tried out of Botox brow lift. The brow lift could have been to give her a more exotic look now.


Another notable change that Lady Gaga may have done is filler to her cheekbones. If you noticed in this photo her cheeks and temple area look a lot fuller.

Another way besides filler to get this full look in your cheeks and your temples is getting small cheek implants put in.


Let’s talk about Lady Gaga’s nose. A few years ago there was a photo circulating of Lady Gaga’s nose before and after.  This photo was later proven to be a fake. But even though this photo was a fake I do believe that Lady Gaga may have gotten some nose work done. If you look at her profile it looks the same and it really hasn’t changed throughout the years.

A lot of singers are hesitant to get any kind of nose work done. A septoplasty is the type of nose job that can actually change the sound of your voice. Not everybody who gets a rhinoplasty also gets a septoplasty.

But I’m sure that Lady Gaga was really hesitant to get a full-blown rhinoplasty because her voice is amazing.

One thing you should know is that a surgeon can also correct your nose from the frontal and three-quarters point of view without changing your profile whatsoever. This type of correction leads to a way more natural-looking nose.

The type of change that I think was made to Lady Gaga’s nose was to give her more structure when you look at her from head-on and also to make her nose look more shapely and less bulbous at the tip.

Doing this subtle shaping really enhanced the look of her whole face and took the focus off of her nose. Other things that can make a nose look bigger is having a weak chin or a hairstyle that really directs attention to your nose.


I believe that Lady Gaga may have had a small chin implant put in to improve her profile view and also the frontal and three-quarter view of her face.

Lady Gaga has a convex profile which means that her nose is the most prominent feature from the side of you her forehead and her lower face tilt back.

If she didn’t have this type of profile her nose wouldn’t look as prominent. The chin implant has really helped balance out her entire face to take the focus off of her prominent nose.

Now Lady Gaga has worn a facelift tape for years. This is during her performances and also for special occasions. Facelift tape is used to pull the face back and mimic the look of a facelift. It also makes you look exotic and sophisticated.

That Lady Gaga really got used to this look.

I think Lady Gaga may have had a facelift. The type of facelift I believe she may have had is a smas lift. If you look at her photos she was wearing her hair up in kind of a severe away which also mimics the look of a facelift. Now could she have been doing this on purpose to kind of take the focus off of that area for when she actually did her facelift? – possibly.

Now look at this very recent photo do you see how her cheeks are now more upswept and how her brows follow her cheekbones.

So you can also see this tightness in her face when her hair is down. So I believe this is the facelift.

There is no judgment I think that this was the right move she looks amazing. Now Lady Gaga is only 33 years old so this facelift was only to get a more exotic or a different kind of look.

It definitely wasn’t to combat the effects of aging. Now at the same time as this face that if she may have had small cheek implants put in which if she did I think that’s a great move because then she doesn’t have to worry about getting filler refills in her cheeks.

A lot of times celebrities are worried about the scar a facelift might leave and this is the great thing about Lady Gaga she always wears these lace front wigs so her hairline has always been obscured. When people see her they really don’t notice a scar on her hairline because whatever thing they do notice can be attributed to her wearing these wigs.

So what can we learn from Lady Gaga’s procedures?

  • First and I think the most important thing a lot of times people kind of lose their identity when they get a nose job and they really miss their old nose getting a more natural-looking nose job is really the answer for that type of person.
  • The next thing we can learn is that a facelift is not only for people who are aging. Can also be for people who want a certain type of look like a more upswept cheekbone and brow look to their face and a sleeker jawline.
  • Lastly, we can learn that a chin is actually really important the overall balance of your face. If you think you may need your nose done look at your chin and if you have a weaker type chin you may be a candidate for a chin implant.

Lady Gaga | Transformation From 5 To 32 Years Old

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