Kris Jenner plastic surgery

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Kris Jenner is best known for being the glamorous mama manager to the world’s most famous family, the Kardashian-Jenner, and it looks like it’s been the career of a lifetime so far.

With her six children and now plenty of grandkids, this momager has been busy. Not to mention Kris is a reality TV star an influencer in her own right. Although a businesswoman you name it she’s done it. 

Being age 63 at the time of this article, it’s evident that Kris looks great for her age, but she did get a little help. Only in the past decade or so, we were introduced to Kris and now she’s all over an extremely famous with almost 30 million followers on Instagram.

Clearly, she’s ahead of the game. Kris has had a long life before this mega Fame, including her beginnings as an air stewardess her marriages and her climb up the social ladder.

So did she always look the same, and did the girls get their similar looks from her?

Honestly, I think that of all the siblings Kendall looks the most like Kris, but anyways Kris was always gorgeous when she was young – and even seems to have had the same hairstyle.

Even though Kris grew up looking great she is a grandma now, so she’s pretty open about the fact that she’s gotten work done and doesn’t mind sharing.

 Kris has said

you have to do what makes you feel good first of all. You can’t do something because somebody else wants you to do it. You have to do great research on the doctor that you choose.

Did Kris Jenner have a facelift

 We know even from Keeping Up with the Kardashians that Kris has gotten a facelift. Plenty of tabloids think Kris may have also gone a bit overboard with fillers or Botox, but that’s subjective.

Though she does admit to some plastic surgery, there are some procedures that she straight-up denies.

We’re going to look at Kris how she’s changed over the years, especially since Fame what work she has her hasn’t had done and more. For a woman in her 60s, you have to say she is one hot grandma.

As I mentioned, Kris has been open about getting work done like when she documented her facelift on the show and made the family say a prayer with her before surgery. For that reason and none of these procedures should come as a surprise.

 Apparently, Kris got what was called a pinnacle facelift.

According to dr. Garth Fisher, this facelift is different from your average run-of-the-mill facelift and dr. Fisher explains why saying :

First, the procedures involved are customized for your face. Many small individual procedures are used rather than any large extensive single procedure. Care is taken to make certain that any scars from the surgery are tiny and well hidden.

The procedures used in a pinnacle facelift allow quick healing so you won’t have to miss out on important events.

So I guess it’s good Kris had hers done in time for one of her girls’ weddings. These facelifts are also supposed to open up and fresh in the eyes, raise the cheeks and create younger-looking contour around the jaw and neck area.

All from looking at photos of Kris before and after the facelift seemed to have worked quite nicely. 

Did she get Botox and fillers?

In addition to her pinnacle lift, Kris also revealed that she gets fillers and Botox to fight aging and wrinkles. 

There have been times when it’s looked like Kris’s cheeks had a little too much filler, though. Whatever filler, she does help her face look younger and smoother, but some fans think she went overboard and think that her cheeks looked too rounded.

Personally, I think it just depends on the photo, and from what I see they look pretty normal.

Kris also raised awareness on earlobe surgery, another procedure that was documented on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kris revealed that she’s been insecure about her ears and told her daughter Chloe:

 All I want is cute ears.

Kris Jenner ears before and after

Kris got a quick 30-minute procedure done by dr. Jason Diamon, where he cut out triangular pieces from each earlobe, making them smaller in size. You can see the difference in these before and after pics of Kris, and she was really happy with the result.

Did she have a nose job?

Finally the one face surgery Kris denies getting is a nose job she said

 I get a lot of people saying I had my nose done. People are alike. Look at her nose. Never had my nose done. I had the same nose I was born with… they say that about all my kids. We haven’t had our noses done.

Considering it sounds like Kris has been honest about everything else, I kind of believe her.

But let’s look at some photos anyways when Kris was younger. Her nose was already petite and perfect. You see, the shape of her sleek nose gives some fans reason to think she got a nose job. It could just be contour fillers. There were a few photos that did make me think Kris got a nose job just because her current nose looked a bit off.

Like when I look at this before photo and compare it to this, I see why people may think that Kris’s nose changed.

A source even told a tabloid that Kris went overboard with getting nose work and it’s collapsing a bit saying

Kris would love to get her pinched nose repaired but she’s been told it’s beyond repair because she’s had it nipped tweaked and sculpted away too many times.

 Well, I’m not sure how much of this is true or if it’s just gossip, but I’ll let you guys be the judge.

Do you think Kris Cohn a nose job or no let me know in the comments?

Kris’s body

Let’s move on to momma Kris’s body. For someone over 60 who has six kids, Kris looks amazing. It’s not like she goes around flaunting her body or posing nude as far as I know, but she keeps it classy, and you can tell she still likes to stay in shape.

Boob job

 Kris has told the world about getting a boob job and never tries to hide her personal experience.

She said

 I had a boob job in the 80s after four kids because gravity took over. It was great for about 25 years or 30 whatever it was and then a couple of years ago. I felt like they were too big and I felt matronly and nothing fit anymore, and suddenly it was like: get them out.

 So Kris had implants since before she had Kendall and Kylie but it seemed like they were a little too much for her after a while.

 Kris then chose to get them reduced once. Again being open she said

 The same doctor who put them in took them out and then had to do a little left. He then put smaller implants in.

 Kris also wanted to get some footage involving her boob job on Keeping Up with the Kardashians because it felt like it was good to share with other women.

She said that she kept her implants in for way longer than she probably should have or passed their shelf life. So she wanted to give a reminder to others.

 Kris told today back in 2012 about this.

You know to take them out and change them after ten years that was a big message and important for me to sort of put out there in a comical way. You know, I made fun of myself because at my age you’re over 50 and like when do you stop, but it was so important, health-wise to remind women to check your expiration date because it’s a health risk.

 I personally think it’s great that Kris uses her own surgery stories as an example for other women watching the show.


Aside from some boob work, Kris’s other secret to staying in good shape just seems to be staying healthy through a bit of diet and exercise. Kris has said that she likes to wake up super early, have some coffee, and then exercise right away.

She says

Like our entire family, we prepare for a very long day. Like I’ll get up at 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning and jump up to have coffee check my emails real quick, hop on the treadmill, turn on the news, and get caught up with what’s going on.

Caffeine and a workout are surefire ways to get the body going in the morning. I, for one thing, good morning isn’t quite complete without a coffee. Kris keeps her routine balanced though and says she loves a nightcap or as she likes to call it a win down.

Courtney has said that her mom has more of vodka down, but whatever her choice is obviously working for Kris.

She says that it helps her relax. Although she watches what she eats, Kris still loves food both eating and cooking and says she used to cook a lot for the kids when they were younger to some of their phases that she made were Italian chicken lamb chops and rice quesadillas and lots of pasta.

These days Kris cooks less because of her busy lifestyle, but she has a personal chef too. 

Her chef also makes sure she stays on track with her healthy diet most of the time.

If you wanted to make some of Kris’s family famous recipes though she does have a cookbook.

This is one of the first things that my kids’ grandmother Helen Kardashian who they called Nana taught me how to make and when I mastered this I pretty much made it at least three times a week because it made me look and feels so good.

 Kris also likes trying different workouts to stay active, and in one episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she said she wanted to increase her stamina and energy.

For this type of workout, apparently her activity of choice is Pilates.

Although Kris has used the magic of cosmetic surgery to her advantage, she still takes care of herself in other ways to stay youthful.

With such a famous family and living in the spotlight, I’m sure he can get hectic.

Kris makes sure that she watches her diet and leads a balanced lifestyle, which includes regular exercise, even if it happens to be at 5 a.m. 

Apparently, the whole Kardashian-Jenner family to wake up before the crack of dawn. That kind of inspires me, you know they say all the most successful people wake up early in the morning, and I wonder if that’s true.


Besides these things, Kris takes care of her skin and isn’t afraid to walk around without makeup, and when she posts on social media looking all-natural, her fans seem to love it too.

I wonder if Kris uses her daughter Kylie’s skincare products or not but Botox facelift whatever help the woman had. I think Kris’s skin looks great.

I can only hope to look that bomb in my 60s.

 Kris has a vault amor early days. It’s no doubt.

After two marriages becoming a momager to six and now being a famous grandma to plenty of time has passed. However, Kris’s signature look and short dark hair haven’t changed as much as you think. Out of the whole Kardashian-Jenner family most honest about the work, she’s had done, and I’m sure over the years if she gets more, we may even see it on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

I personally really like Kris and think that she makes the family super fun and still has a sense of realness about her even if people consider her vain.

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