Kim Kardashian’s Plastic Surgery

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Kim Kardashian has undergone a lot of changes to her face over the years. But what plastic surgery has she had done? I’m going to give you the answers right here. My name is Dr. Anthony Yoon and I’m known as America’s holistic plastic surgeon. And today I am going to break down what I believe Kim Kardashian has had done to her face to give her the changes that you’re seeing here.

When we take a look at her right now, Kim has undergone a lot of changes. This was her back in 2006 on the one side and this is her in 2015 and for those of you who say, “I think this is natural” I don’t think so. So let’s start by looking at how she used to look like way back in 2006. She was in her early twenties. She may have had a few things done by then, but, but not a whole lot in my opinion.

The year 2006

And this is her both 2006.

So what I’d like to have you focus on two main things. Okay. Her nose and her chin. Her nose has a bit of a bump as you can see here. Her nose is a bit on the longer side. Nothing wrong with it, a very pretty nose. And her chin has a good amount of projection.

This is one who I believe is the natural Kim Kardashian. Very beautiful girl. It doesn’t need to have anything done. But now let’s take a peek at her from 2006 to 2010. Well, in 2006 is when things started breaking out for her and she started getting more famous.

Her sisters started getting more famous. And now look at her in 2010 she looks a little bit like Kate Beckinsale, doesn’t she? So what do I think has happened in the intervening time? Take a look at her nose.

Did she have a nose job?

If she has had any plastic surgery, in my opinion, it’s that she has had her nose done and I should tell you that I am not her plastic surgeon. I have actually never treated Kim. So this is all my opinion. You can tell there have been some changes here. So when I look at her nose, to me, her nose looks like it’s been very tastefully refined.

Her nose is a bit shorter, it’s a bit thinner. And she had that bump that you saw in the picture before that I bet is now gone in 2010. I believe that sometime between 2006 and 2010 she underwent rhinoplasty or a nose job.

The doctor appeared to have done a very, very nice job. She still looks pretty, she still looks like him, although once again, a little more like Kate Beckinsale potentially.

Does she have fillers?

I  think that she may have had some injections of filler under her eyes. Filler basically is the number two most common cosmetic procedure today. And the way I describe it to my patients, it’s like liquid skin.

We inject it into parts of our face to basically fill it out. So when you look at her under-eye hollows from 2006 and you compare them to 2010, where did they go? I think it’s very possible that she may have had some filler injected on her eyes, which has helped to fill those under-eye hollows in.

Did she use Botox?

I also think she may have had a bit of Botox Botox up in her forehead and you can see how her brows, they have been definitely wax. They’ve been shaped, but she’s very, very smooth in her forehead and her glabella, which has that area in the forehead between the eyebrows also is super smooth.

So I think she may have had some Botox under her forehead as well.

Does Kim Have Lip Injections?

I also think she may have had a bit of injection done to her lips. Her lips look a little bit different, not a huge amount different, but a little, little more pillowy. So possibly a little lip injection here, although I think that she got more into the lip injections as the years went on, more in the 2000 tens. And we’ll cover that here in just a little bit.

What about her face?

In addition,  take a peek at the shape of her face. Her face looks a bit thinner. It looks more narrow. So how did that happen? I think at this time also she may have had what’s called a buccal fat removal. A buccal fat removal basically is a surgery where we take the fat out from the inside of the cheeks.

And what that can do is it can cause cheeks to look a bit thinner and cause the face to narrow. I also think she may have had some injections of Botox into the masseter muscles of her face.

So the master muscles are basically two large muscles on each side of the jaw. That caused a jaw to look a bit wider. So once again, when you look at her in 2006, you compare that to 2012 her face, the lower part of her face looks a bit wider in 2006.

It looks a bit more sculpted in 2010. Her face looks thinner to me, probably due to possibly due to a combination of Botox into her master muscles and a buccal fat removal. She may have had a couple of operations between 2006-2010, looking absolutely glamorous and gorgeous afterward.

Years 2010-2015

Now let’s take a peak between 2010 and 2015 so what’s going on here?

If you look closely, I think the first thing that I see is that her lips look a bit more full. So this is when I think around 2015 that I believe she started really liking her lip injections.

And like I mentioned earlier, filler basically is like liquid skin. It fills in areas. I do think she has had some filler injected into her lips to plump them up. And you can see a definite difference in my opinion, between 2010 and 2015.

I also think it’s possible that she may have had her chin shortened. So if you take a look at her between 2010 and 2015 look at her chin, her chin looks a little bit shorter. It’s very, very subtle. But there is a surgery, it’s not commonly done where you can actually shave down the bone of the chin and that can shorten it a bit.  And I do think that may have been something that she had done probably between 2010 and 2015.

When you take a peek at her face, it looks a little more angular in 2015, it almost looks a little bit lifted in the cheeks and that may be due to filler. A filler injected into the cheeks at the top of the cheekbones can help cause a bit of a lifting effect. It’s very, very possible that she has had that done at that time as well.

In 2013, this is when she publicize that she had the so-called vampire facial done. So her skin all through the years has always looked absolutely perfect and pristine. Now you and I know that some of that is makeup, but I also think that some of it is good skincare and noninvasive and minimally invasive treatments like that vampire facial that she had back in 2013. When I look at 2010 to 2015 I don’t think she underwent any major cosmetic surgery of her face at that time. But this is when I’m seeing a lot more of the fillers, the injections, and possibly the noninvasive treatments. And once again, maybe having her chin shortened a bit.

Years 2015-2019

Now let’s compare 2015 to 2019 what has changed here?

When you take a peek at her eyes, her eyes, and her eyebrows look a little bit different. So this is where I think she may have had a brow lift and you can see how the arch of her eyebrows is higher on the end. So I think she may have had it lifted. We can do this with very minimal scars called an endoscopic brow lift.

The other thing she may have had is something called a Canthopexy, where you take the corners of the eyelids and you basically angle them up. And you can see how her eyes definitely look a bit different. They look a little more angled than they do in 2015.

I believe it’s possible she may have gone to an oculoplastic surgeon or a facial plastic surgeon and had the brows lifted as well as the corners of her eyes lifted as well. I also believe when you take a look at her skin, even, you know, four years later, the skin is still super tight. She actually looks almost a little bit lifted. I don’t think she has had a facelift. If any plastic surgeon says, “I think she’s had a facelift”. I can’t imagine that she would have. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s had some nonsurgical skin tightening treatments,  like a therapy like refirm and so many of the other ones that are on the market today.

Some changes to her eyes as well as to her chin,  and the lower part of her face, where she may have had some nice overall tightening. So some pretty big changes. Can you believe this is her 2006? This is her 13 years later.

I don’t think that this is just, aging. I don’t think this is maturing. I think this is a very effective plastic surgery.

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