Khloe Kardashian | Before & After Transformation

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Khloe Kardashian | Before & After Transformation

Khloe Kardashian was always viewed as the fat sister or the ugly Kardashian.

Over the year she’s always been compared to her sisters and picked apart about how she never looked like any of them. Growing up she had blonde curly hair she was taller and chubbier than her sisters.

fat sister or the ugly Kardashian

As one set in an interview that teachers would often say things like,

“Oh, you are Kim’s sister, ouch?”

That’s a little harsh. I decided to kick off celebrity transformations with none other than Khloe Kardashian herself. Since she has made waves with her incredible body transformation as become one of the most fit of all the Kardashians.

To be the funny fat sister Khloe openly shared that she almost let this take ownership of her, even though in reality, she was not fat nor obese, but society would force her to believe that she was. It must have been tough growing up with sisters who looked like Kim and Courtney. I can’t imagine what it would be like always being compared to them all the time and being ridiculed on features that you were born with.

Growing up in an environment like this can explain why Khloe is such a strong person and why she’s earned the TED of being the most relatable Kardashian. After looking at these photos of Khloe, I would have to say that people were extremely harsh with her, her chubby cheeks, light eyes, and light hair. I feel it makes her stand out for the better. And she was really beautiful.

Over the last three years we’ve witnessed Khoe’s incredible body transformation.

Khloe has been open about plastic surgery saying:

I think plastic surgery should be viewed almost like makeup because we’re all putting on an f****ing mask basically every day anyway.

When you dye your hair, you’re changing who you are. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I think people should get plastic surgery or fillers or lasers or whatever they want. That should be your own personal decision.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with tweaking something here and there that made you feel insecure. I think anything done in moderation and tastefully is okay. Let’s begin with Khloe’s nose.

Has she done a nose job?

If she’s been under the knife is a really good contour or she had injectables to help transform her nose. We’ll compare her nose from the early two thousand to now. You can see a dramatic difference, especially when looking at our new posts on our Instagram page.

You could see early on her nose was crooked and wire when comparing it to. Now. It seems to have slimmed down and it straightened out. Khloe denies any cosmetic surgery and her makeup artist Joyce Benelli has taken credit for contouring skills saying that she’s given Khloe the best nose job over the last eight years. I know about the power of makeup, but how can someone fit on her nose and straighten it out with just some concealer and powder?

Khloe could have also gone injectables at the bridge of her nose, which would create the illusion of a straighter and thinner nose. This is a nonsurgical as well. I could definitely help with a contrarian process.

Has she got lip injections?

Moving on with the rest of her face? It’s obvious she’s done her lips. Although just until recently, her lips have gone a lot larger than they have been over the years.

I have to say they look a lot better than they used to back in 2016 when she had gotten them done, they’re extremely lumpy and looked super botch. But when comparing to this picture, although they’re drastically bigger, they do look a lot better. Khloe has lost over 40 pounds, which can explain how her face has slimmed down, but we’re looking closely. It makes you want to question what else she’s done.


The overall shape of her face has changed from round to more oval. This can be done by micro liposuction of the face, specifically near the jawline.

There’s also Kybella injectables, which is nonsurgical. And after series of treatments is used to improve the appearance of the profile of the fat under the chin. I’m not sure which one she took, but I think it’s safe to say going definitely went with one of these routes.

What about eyebrows?

Khloe’s eyebrows appear more relaxed, which is most likely from Botox. And she also got in her cheeks to give herself a lift and to push on her cheekbones.

Overall, I’m loving her new look, even though he didn’t need it. The small tweaks here and there have really helped her come into her own and also a really huge fan of the blonde hair.

Body transformation

According to Khloe, while filming, “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, her mom and sisters told to lose weight because it was hurting the family brand.

Although she knew it was the business side talking, it was still hurtful, but the harsh criticism from her family wasn’t the cause of her body’s transformation. It was her divorce to Lamar Odom in 2013 that push Khloe into a fitness frenzy. Khloe started working out during her divorce as it was her outlet for her emotions.

She started losing weight. And once she began to see her body changed she decided to stay committed to a healthier lifestyle.

She states:

Never would I ever consider myself fat. I will consider myself unhealthy mentally and physically and not knowing my true value, mind, body, and soul. For me, my transformation journey started from within. I need to heal myself from the inside out. Once I started putting myself first, everything started falling into place.

We can see her body transformations over the years. People said that Khloe had plastic surgery, which resulted in her drastic weight loss.

Khloe has also been questioned about her butt, which accusations of implants Khloe fire back  by saying,

“Sorry to disappoint. I’ve always had an ass. I know it’s more fun to believe it’s not real, kind of compliment since I killed myself in the gym.”

She’s always had a curvy figure and always had a butt, but with her losing inches off her waist and hitting those weights, it’s instantly that she’s own natural. I can understand how people may jump to conclusions about Khloe’s new body. But I think everyone is forgetting that who is rich and with money comes convenience. She has a nutritionist and trainer.

What is her diet?

She explains the health magazine that she started with baby steps on her weight loss journey. She cut out sodas then went dairy-free for two weeks. And that’s when she lost 11 pounds. Khloe being a huge cheese lover found that cutting dairy was the most challenging part, but in order for her to lose weight quickly, dairy-free was the way to go.

Khloe is certainly right about the dairy-free diet. Back in summer 2017, her nutritionist revealed that Khloe was eating seven meals a day to stay trim.

Her diet consists of being free of dairy, soy products, juice, dried fruit, and fizzy drinks. Khloe has for breakfast.

  • Protein World Slender Blend shake made with one tablespoon of almond butter and fresh fruit blended with water and ice a piece of fruit.

For lunch

4oz chicken breast with vegetables and salad that’s high in iron like beetroot and spinach, a cup of vegetables like celery or tomato served with 12 almonds, a cup of celery or tomatoes with one egg.

For dinner

A fatty fish served with 8oz of vegetables and a salad. And a piece of fruit.

Drink five liters of water a day.

Khloe super dedicates her diet and doesn’t allow herself a full cheat date, but just one cheat meal every week. This could be a pizza, a slice of cake for dessert, or pasta dinner, depending on her cravings.

If she drinks booze, Khloe will limit herself to one or two glasses while she never eats carbs after 3:00 PM.

Khloe committed to stay healthy and fit during her pregnancy. She revealed that being pregnant is a whole different type of self-care. She still exercised to main sanity, but her workloads were nowhere as intense as they once were. Khloe also mentioned that she ate differently and despite her cravings, she wanted to ensure that her baby received the proper nutrients.


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