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Kendall Jenner | From 1 To 22 Years Old

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It’s almost impossible to be unfamiliar with Kendall Jenner considering she’s a member of what I would call one of the most iconic families today.

Although Kendall’s only 23 years old she’s been famous for some years now and whether you love them or hate them this family doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

She’s a TV personality on the show most of us know “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” that she stars on with her family mainly her sisters.

Aside from being a reality TV star influencer and businesswoman she’s also a big-time model. Being on reality TV since she was basically a kid.

In fact, Kendall was named the world’s highest-paid model from Forbes back in 2017.

We’ve all been able to witness how far she’s come. Kendall has certainly grown up over the years and looks totally different from the early days. Her younger sister Kylie seems to have gotten the majority of the attention in terms of how much he changed. Like how she obviously had been getting lip fillers and denied it for the longest time.

With Her younger sister, Kylie, that seems to have gotten the majority of the attention in terms of how much he changed.

“The natural one”

So Kendall has really been considered the natural one. But when you compare pictures from then and now it makes you wonder if Kendall really is all that natural. Although Kendall seems to stay out of the tabloids a bit more than her sisters there’s still a lot to be said about her. The girl is only in her early 20s and has already accomplished so much. But today we’re gonna be focusing more on her appearance and take a closer look at how that has changed since her early days in Hollywood.

Kendall Jenner is a 24 years old influencer and model. Аlmost all of her whole family are plastic surgery enthusiasts. She’s known as the natural one but as  Kendall Jenner completely natural or has she had a little help?

Аlthough  Kendall Jenner has always been pretty naturally in my opinion to gain the type of notoriety and momentum that  Kendall Jenner has gained in the modeling world she needed to have certain features tweet to give her that model look.

In this article, I’ll give you my opinion on what plastic surgery procedures I believe  Kendall Jenner has had to give her that model edge. We’re gonna talk about how Kendall’s changed over the years including any work she’s had done her body and her style.

Face transformation

Let’s start with Kendall’s face. The stars never admitted to getting work done but there’s definitely been speculation. Kendall address any plastic surgery rumors back in 2017

“It’s also exhausting as a model why would I have my face reconstructed. It doesn’t even make sense. It’s crazy because sometimes I feel like people just want me to lose”

This could be the truth I mean she was only 13 when she made her debut on TV. So, of course, a lot of changes could have been simply from growing up and maturing. However, in some photos it looks like there might have been some less than natural change of certain features.

Did she have a nose job?

Firstly looking at Kendall’s nose there’s a chance she could have gotten a rhinoplasty. Comparing photos her nose seems to have gotten thinner and sleeker than it used to be. Of course, creating the image of a sleeker nose could always be the work of great makeup and contouring but it’s hard to tell.

Although people’s faces tend to change as they grow up the shape of the nose is something that generally stays the same. Kendall’s nose used to look wider and she was a kid and now it looks pretty much perfect back in 2016.

So, Kendall Jenner’s first major change was her nose. In my opinion, Kendall Jenner had a nose job sometime between 2012 and 2013. Her nasal bones were broken and then they were brought back together in a more narrow way. I think a lot of people are super confused with  Kendall’s nose because I don’t think that the surgeon did much to her profile. Kendall has always had a beautiful high bridge profile. Where the surgeon really did the majority of their work was narrowing her nasal bones and also making her tip a lot more petite and narrow as well.

A lot of times people who have a high bridge to their nose also have a wider look to their nose from the front view and also from the 3/4 view. So this is where most of the plastic surgeons work was. A nose job or a rhinoplasty can be done under Twilight or general anesthesia. It does take a really long time to not look swollen anymore from a nose job so anywhere from 3 to 9 months and up.

Kendall Jenner eyebrows before and after

Fans were curious if Kendall had any work done in her forehead eye area because her eyebrows seemed to look higher up on her face than before.

The second procedure I believe  Kendall Jenner has done has to do with her eyebrows. A couple years after she had her nose done she started to demonstrate the effects of an endoscopic brow lift. An endoscopic brow lift hides the incisions in the hairline. They’re truly undetectable.

This brow lift gave  Kendall Jenner way more upper lid space. It also gave her more of an upswept exotic look to her eyes and her brows and it took away that pretty girl next door look. This procedure is something that isn’t super noticeable or easy to pinpoint until you start looking at pictures side by side from before-and-after. It can also create a more cat-eyed look.

An endoscopic brow lift can be done under Twilight or general anesthesia and it’s usually done in a surgery center.

Did she get Lip fillers?

It’s also been speculated that Kendall has gotten lip fillers. I think this one may be true considering her lips were super thin in her teen days and now they’re fuller. Although they still look natural when you look at her top lip especially in photos. The difference is there. I think that  Kendall Jenner has had Juvederm filler to her upper and lower lip.

Does she have cheek fillers or implants?

Another spot that Kendall has been accused of getting fillers is in the cheeks. This is not a hundred percent sure about but in some pics, her cheeks definitely look smoother and more raised giving off the impression that she did.

So, the next change I believe that  Kendall Jenner had was to her cheeks. Everyone speculates that  Kendall Jenner’s cheeks are filler but I disagree and I’ll tell you why. I don’t believe she’s had filler to her cheeks especially in the modeling world which she’s in. They really prefer those hard angles. They like a harder looking cheek structure. It looks so much better in photos. It’s much more photogenic and if she had had filler she would have a much softer look to her cheekbones. In my opinion, I believe  Kendall Jenner has had small cheek implants placed.

Fillers tend to give a more voluminous look. Whereas cheek implants give a harder more modelesque angle. Cheek implants can be placed through an incision in the mouth. They can be done in the surgeon’s office or in a surgery center. As far as swelling you’re swollen for a really long time. Somewhere between a month and two months you basically look like a chipmunk.

In addition to  Kendall Jenner possibly having cheek implants. I also believe that she had buccal fat removal to accentuate her cheek angles even more and give her that upswept v look to her face.

Did she get fillers in her chin?

It’s also been said that Kendall may have gotten fillers in her chin as well as anti-wrinkle injections. However, I can’t really tell much of a difference in her chin and considering she’s still so young I don’t think she would need Botox unless it was preventative. I’m not really sure what Kendall has or hasn’t gotten work done for but either way she looks gorgeous.

Cost of all plastic face surgery procedures

So let’s total up  Kendall Jenner’s plastic surgery procedures. This is my opinion, only

  • nose job $15,000
  • brow at $14,000
  • cheek implants $10,000
  • buccal fat removal $5,000
  • Juvederm to her upper and lower lip $2,000

So how much does it cost to look like  Kendall Jenner $36,000

Body transformation

Kendall’s naturally tall and slim so it’s no surprise she’s a model. I mean how hot does she look walking Victoria’s Secret runway. With Kendall’s body, everything looks real and I see no signs of plastic surgery like a boob job or anything. But even though she has had a great body through the years she still has to put in work to keep it tone.

how hot does she look walking Victoria’s Secret runway


In order to keep her body so fit Kendall has a personal trainer Gunnar Peterson who makes a workout schedule to suit her needs. Her trainer has said that her workouts are intense though. Apparently she does a lot of ab workouts weight training and cardio and her preferred cardio includes jogs and kickboxing classes.

Kendall also has said she does workout program that only takes 11 minutes.


Kendall’s diet doesn’t sound too restricting and she says she still enjoys foods like in-n-out burger, pizza, and pasta. She also claims that two of her favorite cheat foods are cupcakes and Twix chocolate bars. But before any fashion week, Kendall does get stricter with her diet which will then include a lot of lean protein at brown rice and veggies.

In general, she just claims to balance the healthy stuff with a not so healthy and keeps everything in moderation. So I guess if you want a body like Kendall it sounds like it’s a combination of naturally good metabolism, a balanced diet, and intense workouts.


Looking at Kendall’s style it’s pretty easy to see how much it’s evolved over the years. Being introduced to Hollywood from such a young age she was getting dolled up for the red carpet as a preteen. In terms of her hair and look in general it hasn’t seemed to change much as she’s gone to older. Kendall has always rocked her dark brown hair for the most part and all she’s really done is switched between longer and shorter hairstyles as sees.

Her fashion sense keeps getting better over the years and she’s had a ton of great outfits. While walking the red carpet she’s pulled off a ton of different outfits some simple some glam and some shocking.

Kendall’s street styles also suitable for a supermodel as she’s always trendy. Somehow she always looks super cool even if she goes for something more casual.

By looking at Kendall’s transformation over the years a little closer you can see how the star has changed

Although her changes may not have been as drastic as some of her sisters there are still some things that may leave you wondering if she’s all-natural or not. In my opinion, she looks gorgeous regardless, either way, Kendall and her superstar family don’t seem to be going anywhere and her modeling and TV career will likely only keep growing she’s still young so I definitely wonder what the future will hold.

If you want to talk more about Kendall’s transformation write your comments after reading.

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