Jennifer Aniston: Plastic Surgery

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Jennifer Aniston: Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Anniston was born on February 11th, 1969 to her parents, John Anniston and Nancy Dao. Both parents were in show business with her mother being a successful model and her father being on “Days of our Lives” for 30 years and Jennifer was their only child together, although she did have two half brothers on both sides. Jennifer Anniston is an American actress, well known for her part on the show “Friends”.

Currently, Jennifer is 51 years old. She’s wowed everybody with her beautiful and youthful looks as well as her slender figure and toned body.

Let’s start with Jennifer’s natural beauty trait. This girl has got some strikingly beautiful eyes. They are huge, expressive, and amazing shade of blue.

Brad Pitt was well known for loving Jennifer’s eyes.

The next beauty trait is her luminous skin. She is in fact very well known for her skin and as a spokesperson for Aveeno skin products.

She’s got that glowy sun-kissed look that I go for every summer and fail miserably at. Lastly, I love her smile. As a former dental hygienist, I really value unique smiles and the way hers dips down in the middle is so cute.

With Jennifer Anniston, it’s not about her having a perfect face or perfect body or perfectly symmetrical anything. It’s about the total package. That is Jennifer.

It’s her hair, her figure, her skin, her personality. She’s not intimidating. She’s not this untouchable beauty that you’re scared to talk to. Instead, she’s that pretty and relatable girl. This is what gives her such wide appeal, not only to male fans but also to her female fans.

Much like Taylor Swift. She doesn’t provoke our insecurity. She has that attainable attractiveness that draws you in. I do believe that Jennifer Anniston has had plastic surgery.

Did Jennifer Aniston Have A Nose Job?

Jennifer herself has confirmed that she had a septoplasty, which is a nose job that just fixes the functional issues of the nose. For example. It would help you be able to breathe better. Jennifer says

I had a deviated septum fixed and it was the best thing I ever did. I slept like a baby for the first time in years.

Now, circling back to what I believe Jennifer Anniston has had done, Jennifer’s first nose job was done before she got famous and before she had publicity photos taken. There are almost no old photos of her except for these that I’ve found from her childhood that are pretty fuzzy.

Here we see Jennifer’s first nose as we can see, even in these fuzzy black and white photos. Her nose was quite bulbous at the tip and the bridge was also a lot thicker.

Since there are no photos of her acting with this nose, it’s safe to assume she had this nose done before she started acting. She may have also had that septoplasty that she mentioned earlier along with this rhinoplasty. This was not just a nose refinement.

According to the photos major work was done to her nose.

We can see that she no longer has that bulbous tip as well as her bridge looks a lot thinner. This is the type of nose that often requires more than one surgery to get it to its desire thinness.

Ter second nose job came sometime between 1999 and 2000 as you can clearly see from these photos.

The doctor went in and thinned out her bridge more and they really focused on her tip Pauline Mela and LR areas. Now I love this particular nose. To me, it was cute and fit her facial features perfectly.

I would have stopped with this second nose job.

But for some reason, Jennifer Anniston felt the need to go back in for a third nose job. It quite possibly could have been that her nose just needed more support and that it was starting to actually get thinner than what she wanted it to look like.

This is where I think she thought her third nose job. What I think she did was an attempt to thicken the nose a bit and give the bridge and to more support. Maybe she felt like the second nose job left her nose too thin and small.

The problem with adding graphs is that it leaves your nose swollen for the next one to two years. As we can clearly see here in the following photos, she was quite swollen for a while. There was a point in 2007 that there was a magazine article circulating about Jen having a rhinoplasty with our very famous surgeon.

This article claim that the surgeon in question confirmed that he had operated on Jennifer Anniston. This was later refuted by that same surgeon.

If he did in fact do this, he would be severely punished under the HIPAA act of 1996 which States that neither doctors nor medical personnel can reveal the contents of a patient’s medical history.

Does Jennifer Use Botox Injections?

Let’s talk about fillers and Botox. Now Jennifer has admitted to experimenting with both. She hasn’t gone into detail about where she’s put fillers or Botox. Jennifer Anniston used to have very strong master muscles. They were visible from the frontal of view as well as her profile. What I think she did was have Botox injected into those master muscle and as years went by, those master muscles strong.

Does she have lip filler?

I think that she’s had upper and lower lip fillers.

As you can see in this photo.

She’s definitely clumped up her upper lip just a bit as well as in this photo where she’s also put a bit of filler in her lower lip.

I love how it made her look overall prettier.

The other place that I think she may have put filler is in her cheeks. I think she used a touch of filler to keep her cheeks around it and plump looking.

What’s nice about Jennifer’s look here is that she doesn’t Botox the hell out of her face. As we can see, she often has crow’s feet and for headlines, and you know what guys? I think that’s okay. It doesn’t detract from her beauty and I like that she still has human and fun expressions.

What About Her Chin?

Let’s talk about Jennifer’s famous strong chin. Jennifer has always had a very prominent long chin, but when she was younger, her lateral or sides of her jaw angles were covered by a layer of facial fat. When she started losing that facial fat, her long chain became more prominent.

Here we see a smaller and shorter chain on Jennifer. I believe Jennifer had her chin shortened either by having a section of bone cutout through a genioplasty or having the tip of her chin bone-shaped.

Body transformation

Let’s talk briefly about Jennifer’s beautiful Lynn figure as a child. Jennifer admits to being the overweight one. This may have shaped her image for years to come. By the time Jennifer started acting, she was very slender. I don’t think her slender body is due to any sort of surgery intervention like liposuction. Instead, I believe that Jennifer Anniston follows a very strict diet.

Since I don’t believe in diets, I won’t be naming it here, but the type of diet that I believe she does involves a lot of calorie restriction. That thinness that you see is due to what she eats and what she doesn’t eat.

Has Jennifer Had A Boob Job?

Let’s talk about Jennifer’s chess. After reviewing countless photos of her, including zooming in on her chest, I’ve come to the conclusion that she isn’t augmented because she has very natural cleavage that shows no upper pole fullness, which is indicated of having breast implants.

Something that’s very important to mention here is Jennifer’s tumultuous relationship with her mother. She says, quote,

“she was a model and she was all about presentation and what she looked like and what I looked like. I did not come out that model child that she hoped for, and it was something that really resonated with me. This little girl just wanting to be seen and wanting to be loved by mom who was too occupied with things that didn’t matter. She was critical. She was critical of me because she was a model and she was gorgeous and stunning and I wasn’t and I never was. And I honestly don’t think of myself in that sort of light, which is fine.”

tumultuous relationship with her mother
tumultuous relationship with her mother

I think mom had a huge influence on her self esteem growing up and even up into adulthood until she became famous. Jennifer became a strange from her mother sometime in her late twenties, who knows if Jennifer would have gotten plastic surgery if it wasn’t for her mother putting her down.

If you have a parent that behaves in a similar way with you, just know that their criticisms are projection of their own insecurities and have nothing to do with you.

Don’t let your parent’s insecurities become yours.

I live by this one saying, and it’s this, what you say to your child becomes their inner voice later in life. When you think about changing a certain facial feature, check-in with yourself and make sure you’re changing it because it’s what you want and not a parent’s voice in your head.

How much do Jennifer’s procedures cost?

So let’s add up Jennifer’s procedures.

  • three rhinoplasties that total $45,000
  • chin shaping 4,000 to $8,000 depending on the method that was used.
  • Fillers and Botox, getting that master muscle tissue shrink and stays shrunken does cost more than your usual Botox treatments. So we’re going to put that at $5,000 a year upkeep.

So the total for that is $58,000.

I don’t normally talk about skincare, but in Jennifer’s case, I really wanted to mention it because she’s so known for her glowing skin.

So Jennifer really favors three skincare procedures, microcurrent facials, lasers, and Thermage treatments.

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