Jeffree Star Before & After Transformations

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Jeffrey star is one of the biggest influencers of our time and it’s no doubt that he’s changed a lot since the early days.

If you’re a real fan, you remember his launch into fame through Myspace and his music career. It was in the era of the scene Kid.

Fast forward to 2020 and Jeffrey’s makeup reviewer on YouTube has a super successful brand, Jeffree star cosmetics, and it’s just at the top of the world. Not to mention he looks fabulous all the time. We’re going to take a look at Jeffrey and see how he’s transformed over the years and found his killer confidence in a unique style.

He has a super successful brand, Jeffree star cosmetics

Jeffrey Starts 34 at the time of this recording and we know him best as a YouTube icon and probably the most influential beauty guru of our time. He’s a makeup reviewer, makeup artist, and of course has his own successful line to Jeffree star cosmetics, but he’s dabbled in everything from singing to modeling and more since the early days.

Forbes, describes Jeffrey the fifth highest-earning YouTuber last year, banking 17 million or more from YouTube money alone in 2019 and it’s not the first time he’s made that list.

Forbes describes Jeffrey the fifth highest-earning YouTuber last year

So over the past decade he’s been building an empire. It seems like Jeffrey was made to me in the spotlight, but it hasn’t always been easy. For his rise to the top he was struggling to make ends meet and he’s also been notorious for feuds and drama over the years. But this unapologetic honest attitude is one of the reasons fans love him so much.

He’s also pretty honest about any work he’s had done in his personal life as he blogs and shares it with his 17 million-plus subscribers on his channel.

Although Jeffrey always looks flawless with perfect makeup, glamorous wigs, and more this wasn’t always the case. Like many of us, he had to get through a thin eyebrow phase and other less than glam looks.

We’ll look at Jeffrey in the early days, see what work he’s had done and much more.

How did Jeffrey look before?

Let’s start by looking at Jeffrey before, although we started experimenting with makeup at a very young age, 13 to be exact, it took him some to develop the skills. As a teen, Jeffrey would steal his mom’s eye shadow and copy looks from fashion ads, but it wasn’t long before he worked at makeup counter such as Mac and did makeup well enough to make a job out of it.

Looking at Jeffrey before he embraced his feminine side and love for all things pink, you may not even know it’s the same person. However, I still think he does have the same face shape when he was still Jeffrey Steininger, his yearbook photo shows him starting to rock his unique sense of style that we know so well. Then of course as Jeffrey became more well-known thanks to the OG networking site, my space, you fine-tuned his look with the signature pink hair and eyebrows.

Year 2006

By 2006 Jeffrey was a MySpace sensation and the most followed person aside from those who were already famous artists and this queen of my space era, his hair States pink at all times, or at least partly and it was quite long.

Those razor-thin pink eyebrows Jeffrey had were definitely something else, but eventually he ditched them and these days his look has evolved a lot. One thing that sets Jeffrey apart is the fact that he identifies as androgynous. He was born a male and technically does identify as a gay male, but he doesn’t feel the need to be put in a box.

Jeffrey explained it himself in the past stating:

I think everyone doesn’t know what Jeffrey Star is like, are you a man? Are you a girl? What are you trying to be? And at the end of the day, I’m just all about pro expression.

I don’t wear fake tits or wigs, so I don’t really consider myself a drag queen, but I am really obsessed and inspired by fashion in general. I started as a makeup artist looking through magazines and being obsessed with the idea of just changing how you look with some makeup brushes. So I don’t really call myself anything.

I am a guy. I don’t want to have a sex change, you know, my mom blessed me, so I’m just going to stay a man and look like a girl and everyone’s going to F… like it.

Although Jeffrey style has changed with the times whose identity is something that’s stayed constant. As far as I know, Jeffrey hasn’t had any over the top plastic surgery done. But there are a few procedures we know of and some we can speculate about.

Forehead surgery

First off, Jeffrey has admitted to getting forehead surgery done on his YouTube docu-series of Shane Dawson, the beautiful world of Jeffrey star.

Forehead surgery

Back in 2016 he had his forehead lowered.

Since I can remember from like eighth grade on, I noticed that I had a widow’s peak where my hair would come more towards a point and my temples were just kind of like bare of hair. So right now I’m sure you guys were looking and you can see this darkness all around. That is my new hairline.

A forehead reduction surgery according to Healthline can help reduce the height of the forehead. Their website also says:

Larger foreheads may be due to genetics, hair loss, or other cosmetic procedures. This surgical option, also known as hairline lowering surgery can help balance the proportions of your face.

Hair transplant

So that gives you a better idea of what Jeffrey had done. We also know that he had a hair transplant so that can be considered cosmetic work too. And the two procedures were related. Jeffrey posted on his Instagram after the hair transplant showing the incision where the surgeon harvests the hair.

Jeffrey also writes:

This hair is genetically programmed to not fall out. These hairs are permanent. The doctor and his team dissect everything under a microscope and to make each hair follicle precise so it flows with my new hairline.

Sounds pretty crazy. He also shared a video a few months after the surgery on his channel and it was pretty graphic, but if you want to see Jeffrey get super real about the entire procedure, it’s out there.

And then they numbed my entire forehead. So from my temple to temple here, they did a lot of injections and of course the swelling from the numbing kind of happened later on, but my entire forehead was completely numb. I was wide awake. I was watching movies actually, so I was just kind of like sitting there on the operating table.

Lip injections and fillers

Jeffrey mentioned how he gets his lip sun and had his teeth fixed. Jeffrey’s pretty transparent about the lip injections and also made videos about it on his channel.

Year 2016

Back in 2016 he had already been getting them done for six years or so. When you compare picks of his lips from way back the differences are clear. Unfortunately, Jeffrey had a bad experience years ago with his lips too and has to get it fixed. A doctor actually injected a silicone mixture with the Juvederm Jeffrey normally gets without his consent and he didn’t notice until years later.

Silicone is a bit controversial because it’s a permanent material and although it’s on the cheap side, it often leads to infections and bad side effects. Basically it’s just bad. As a result of the silicone in his lifts, Jeffrey had a bunch of bumps forming on the inside for years.

Year 2019

Then in 2019 Jeffrey’s current doctor finally removed the silicone. Like I mentioned, another thing Jeffrey had completely reconstructed are his teeth.

What about his teeth?

You revealed that he was born with already bad teeth and they just kept getting worse since he loves sweets, looking at photos of his teeth before compared to now, you’ll see what he’s talking about.

These days Jeffrey’s teeth are made from zirconia crystals and he had every single tooth in his mouth redone. He said:

They shaved them down to the little points and put crowns over them. It was really painful but really worth it.

He does have a perfect smile. Aside from the stuff Jeffrey’s been open about, I don’t think he’s had any other cosmetic work done. There are times I think he had a nose job like when I see his side profile from back in the day, but I think Jeffrey would have told fans if he got his nose done. What do you guys think? Some of you may also assume that Jeffrey gets Botox, but he’s also put those rumors to rest.

That’s true. So I’ve had my lips done. Do I have Botox? Do I have filler? Do I have anything else in my face? No, that is the final answer. I don’t know. Maybe people don’t believe me because I’ve said shit in the past. I don’t know. But I can move my forehead. I can move any part of my face. I mean there’s no Botox in this space or I’d be a little more frozen.

Aside from his lips. He says he has no fillers in his face. So after comparing Jeffrey star from his early MySpace days to now, he can see how he’s fine-tuned his unique style.

He may not have those sky-high penciled on pink eyebrows anymore but he still shaves them off. Jeffrey’s actually said he’s been shaving them off since he was young, so something’s never changed. He explained in a video:

I’ve shaved my eyebrows off since 10th grade and I always get asked to use brow stencils. I honestly just freehand them on every single day.

One year he had no brows. Before Jeffrey was also known for his signature hot pink hair and while these days his hair is blonde fields. Plenty of glamorous wigs when he wants to switch up the color. He actually wears them often and not just pink ones. He has every length, style, and color of the rainbow in his hair collection.

Aside from a hair transplant and forehead reduction. Jeffrey hasn’t had any plastic surgery over the years. He has fixed it, smiles, and loves his lip fillers, but that’s about it.

Diet and lifestyle

Jeffrey does have pretty flawless skin for someone in their thirties but he denies any Botox and just swears by fancy products, a great skincare routine, and overall health and diet.

He also drinks a lot of water.


One more thing that’s changed on Jeffrey from then until now is his tattoos and their early days. He already had quite a few, but now he’s covered from head to toe with gorgeous ink.

He’s even posted his tattoo diary videos on his channel. Many of Jeffrey’s tattoos are portraits with sentimental meetings, some of which include his great grandmother, Audrey Hepburn, Kurt Cobain, Elvis, Mona Lisa, Patrick Bateman, and even jaws on his stomach. Of course, there are a bunch more, but you get the idea.

Many of Jeffrey’s tattoos are portraits with sentimental meetings, some of which include his great grandmother, Audrey Hepburn, Kurt Cobain, Elvis, Mona Lisa, Patrick Bateman, and even jaws on his stomach.

Looking at Jeffrey over the years, it’s clear he’s only become more competent, but he’s never been afraid to be himself. I think he looks great now and still does make a better than anyone’s business.


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