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It’s no doubt that James Charles is one of the most talked-about influencers lately. And it’s usually because of some kind of drama. Earlier this year, it was the Tati Westbrook feud when he was apparently canceled and lost about a million YouTube subscribers, which never happens.

Tati Westbrook

I’m sure you already know, but Tati had accused him of sexually harassing straight men or boys, but all of it was denied with James saying:

I have never and would never, and will never use my fame money or power to manipulate or get any sexual actions from a guy, that is disgusting. It is not me. And the fact that Tati brought this up, blows my mind.

Once all this drama was put to rest in the, to let things go, James regained a bunch of followers back. Now he’s at almost 16 million on his Instagram and over 16 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

So we know James has a famous YouTuber, makeup artist, beauty guru, social media, star influencer, and more. He’s also the first male ambassador for the brand cover girl, but pretty sure the thing that we’re hearing and seeing the most of lately is none other than his butt. I mean, who hasn’t seen the infamous mirror selfie? Not only was it considered inappropriate because Wilson nude it made headlines because everyone’s wondering if the dude’s blood is fake or not. I really can’t see it. I see meals with booties like that often. If ever even women, James is only 20 years old at the time of this article, but he has been speculated in the past have maybe gotten some work done too, even though he denies it, I’ve been doing some digging and I want to get to the bottom of this. I want to know just as badly as you guys, if James, bud is fake or all-natural, my bets are on fake.

Before and after transformations

He does have a total Instagram face. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he enhanced things a little. And to clarify, I think the Instagram face is just how a lot of influencers look unnaturally perfect. A lot get worked into, achieve this with the small noses, big lips, and perfect cheekbones. And a lot of it can be face tune filters and good makeup.

James is famous for his pro makeup skills and does plenty of influential celebrity makeup in his blogs. So it’s no doubt he’s great at the glow up.

Some have accused James of getting a nose job, but I don’t know if that’s true. He has changed a lot since he was a kid even tweeting out. Thank God for braces scissors, a better-tasting clothing, lip, filler makeup, and a little face tune.

He has changed a lot since he was a kid

Has he done a nose job?

At least the dude seems honest and let’s be real. Everyone changes after puberty. It looks like as a kid, James still had a similar nose. So I, his nose looking perfect is just his contouring as well as photo editing.

It’s not like he did admit to using facetune anyways. There are even pics online, showing an unedited pick of James before and then how he looks after facetune. Pretty crazy. Just there you can see his nose looks natural in the original shot and drastically changes after the edits. I think there’s the answer, but then others comment on YouTube saying he’s had more than one nose job. So I really don’t know the only thing that we have proof of James getting done to his face, our lip fillers.

Fillers and lips injections

That isn’t considered plastic surgery though. And he doesn’t hide it. I think his lips going from thin to plump made enough difference in his appearance to change the look of the space. So I don’t really think anything else is going on there. Not going to lie those some of James’ face tune picks are pretty creepy.

lip fillers

He looks like a mannequin. Other times, fans have things to say about his appearance just because they think he isn’t being real. Like when he was doing Kylie Jenner’s makeup and filming a blog.

And James and Kylie posted a selfie saying “bare-faced sisters” implying well that they were “barefaced”. Although maybe they didn’t have makeup on. People accused that this wasn’t all-natural considering they have lip enhancements microbladed eyebrows and Kylie has lash extensions in the picture.

Basically printing a false picture. Oh, and James doesn’t even have freckles. So he painted them on. Okay. So all of this considered, I wouldn’t say James is all-natural, but I still don’t think he’s gotten any major face surgeries or anything like that.

What about his butt?

James looked like he’s skinny with a big button. This whole James Charles butt drama started when he was hacked. He decided to release what was “The only nude he’s ever taken”.

Plenty of people found the photo offensive since the dude is naked. But more importantly, it got people frantically wondering if the butt is real or fake, this isn’t the first time James has shown off his booty.

There was that time at Coachella with the assless chaps and this time at a basketball game where the butt with seriously sticking out.

So I’ve heard that Jim’s actually didn’t get anything done to his butt. And some say that it’s Photoshop because it isn’t even that big in person. I’ve never met James or seen his button in person. So I can’t confirm, but I would have to say that some serious Photoshop.

If James got some work done, it would have to be some injections or Brazilian butt lift, which is the most popular booty surgery that I know of.

And it’s a type of fat transfer to make the hips and butt area bigger. James denied having any work done. Once rumors started circulating after the nude, taking to Twitter, saying:

“People are seriously asking me if my body from last night is actually real. Yes. To answer your question. It is. “

But there’s also a video online of James allegedly showing off a new butt and some curvy looking hips.

It seemed pretty convincing to me until I saw comments online saying he’s just wearing butt pads. I don’t even know anymore. Everyone has reasons for why James hasn’t gotten any work done to his butt. Whether it’s because of Photoshop or it’s not big enough to be fake, or if he got it done, he wouldn’t be able to sit down for weeks. But at the same time, when the online world is asked, more think it’s fake than not.

Looking at him Sophie James posted:

I think it’s impossible that it’s all-natural. But once the face tune argument comes in, I’m really not so sure.

James was definitely living for the attention though. He’s not the first celebrity recently to release their own nudes as a means of “standing up for themselves”. This happened to Bella Thorne too. But is it bad for me to say? I think James is just happy putting his butt’s selfie out there for the world to see. I definitely don’t think the guy’s insecure at all. He’s pretty infamous for showing himself off. That’s for sure.

In general, James has changed quite a bit over the years, but mostly just because he’s gotten super glam and keeps getting better with makeup as he gets older. And maybe with editing his picks too, I don’t know about work that James has done for sure. Yes. He fills his lips, but I’m not sure about a nose job even though his butt’s Sophia is shocking and it looks too plump to be true. He hasn’t admitted to getting any works in there either. He denies it. It could be his Photoshop skills, some squat workouts, or even a good angle. But I personally was convinced that James has gotten some booty enhancements. If he did get bud injections or a Brazilian butt lift, he isn’t ready to tell us yet.

What do you guys think? Do you believe James and the fans who say it’s all just editing imposes or do you think it’s a fake?

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