Has Megan Fox Had Plastic Surgery?

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Megan Fox: Plastic Surgery (2020)

Megan Denise Fox was born on May 16th, 1986 in Rockwood, Tennessee to her parents, Gloria, a real estate manager and her father, Franklin, a parole officer. Megan had an early love for dancing and acting, but it was her beauty that got her noticed more than anything else.

At the age of 17, she moved to Los Angeles where she landed multiple roles, though she’s best known for her role in the transformer movie series. Megan was born a naturally beautiful woman.

Cosmetic Surgery o natural beauty?

Let’s talk about Megan’s natural beauty traits. Megan Fox has both horizontally long eyes and one eye distance in between her eyes.


Many could ask for an explanation of what horizontally long eyes are. Horizontally long eyes occur when the space between the eyes called the palpebral fissure is longer than the average length. The palpebral fissure is located between the inner corners of the eyelid and the measurement is taken like this. While the palpebral fissure shape can be altered, like in a Canto plasty, the actual space of the Fisher cannot be altered.

Another component that needs to be present is this space of one eye distance in between the eyes and the one eye distance that’s needed in between the eyes also cannot be made bigger.

Please don’t worry if you don’t have horizontally long eyes, you are still attractive.


Megan’s face shape is a beautiful oval and her bone structure is good with no obvious deficiencies in her upper or lower jaw.

I do think that Megan Fox has had plastic surgery to further glamorize her already beautiful face. Since Megan has had three children very close in age starting in 2012 she more than likely had her plastic surgery procedures prior to 2012.


let’s talk about Megan’s skin. The actress has actually expressed insecurities when she does close up kissing scenes because she does say that she has acne as well as acne scars. Take a look at these photos that show her acne scars.

As we go through the years we see that Meghan has been able to make them less obvious.

Acne scars can be treated with Silicone Microdroplets to even out their appearance as well as a Hyaluronic acid filler. You can also do a more overall skin resurfacing with a CO2 Fractional Laser and I do think that Megan has tried most of these techniques. Her skin has really even down since taking these photos.

Did Megan Fox Have Nose Job?

Let’s move on to Megan’s nose. When Megan first started out, we see a mostly straight nose with a small bump on profile.

In addition, we see that the tip points slightly downward hiding the nose holes and in doing so gives the nose a longer appearance than it actually is.

The tip of the nose is also a bit wider than we’re used to seeing on her. As we go through the photos, we see subtle nose refinement. The nose looks much straighter on profile and the tip looks thinner as well.

We now see that the nose holes are visible when we view her from the front point of view. This is likely the result of two subtle rhinoplasties.

This subtle refinement and shaping of her nose does not contribute to her overall beauty. Rather it helps keep the noses imperfections from stealing any attention away from her face.

Has Megan Had Botox?

Let’s talk about filler in these photos. We really see a plumper upper and lower lip starting here in 2007 prior to 2007 Megan has always had modest-sized lips that fit her face perfectly.

These new plumped up lips that Megan has really contributed to her sex image and we never see her original lips again. I think the most dramatic change that Megan made was here in 2010 this was the look I think we all remember there were headlines everywhere asking what did Megan do to her face?

Speculations range from her having a ton of fillers injected to a full on facelift. Let’s break down what Megan did.

Does she have fillers?

The first and most obvious change is to her cheeks. I noticed that when people get their cheeks worked on, it tends to change the whole look of the face and the way that the other features relate to each other as well. You must be really careful when you do your cheeks. The first clue of what Megan has actually done to her cheeks is that her oval-shaped face changed to an egg-shaped oval rather than a uniform oval shape.

Her lower face and chin appear more narrow as well. The chin has not been narrowed. In actuality rather it’s giving the illusion of being narrowed. This can be due to a cheek lift, which in addition to lifting the cheeks also picks up some lower cheek area and puts a slant or a vector near the sides of her lower face.

This is what is making this new egg-shaped face. We also see more definition and the upper cheek area and also some Halloween. The newly defined upper cheek contour is more than likely cheek implant that was placed there. Take a look at this photo of Megan Fox.

When we zoom in, you can see the outline of her cheek implant with the upper edge of the cheek implant where her highlight lays and the lower edge of the cheek implant where her blush or bronzer is on really close inspection.

This definition is almost all from the edge of the cheek implant and not so much from the bronzer.

The second indicator of her having a cheek lift is that her eyes are narrow when she’s smiling and when she’s not smiling.

This is also further indication that she has had cheek implants placed in there as cheek implants were placed sub. Periodically we’re having them there would also raise the lower lash line in addition to the cheek lift, changing her cheeks and lower eyelids. I also see a slight change in the height of her brows.

I think that at the same time as the cheek lift and cheek implants, they also raised the tails of her brow from the same incision may through her temples. All three procedures together gave her face a new diagonal vector. The resulting look that Megan has is both stunning and polarizing to some.

Many people just can’t tolerate any evidence of plastic surgery on people’s faces.

These are often the people yelling for everybody to be natural and the ones that say they hate any type of lip fillers. Still, there are others who are completely tolerant of any visible signs of plastic surgery to one’s face. As long as you look human, you are okay with them.

Most of us are somewhere in the middle in that we accept plastic surgery. As long as it’s not over done. I think in Megan’s case it was seen as overkill to so many people. People questioned why she felt the need to make herself even more beautiful when there really wasn’t a problem in the first place.

Did She Get Lip Injections?

The last major change that Megan Fox made was to her lips, but this time it wasn’t simply lip filler but a lip lift. In these photos, we can see Megan’s face looks very different and it’s still surprising to me to see how much changing the upper lip changes the whole face.

We see an upper lip that looks braced up in the middle and a less pronounced philtrum area, which is what a lip lift does tend to blunt. Something about the width of her upper lip is now throwing off the balance of her face.

She’s still beautiful. Just different. Now let’s look at Megan talking. This is after her lip lift and one thing I noticed is that her upper lip skin does appear to be a tad short. The reason to have a lip lift is because you want to have more teeth reveal.

Not everybody shows their upper teeth when they’re talking and this is something that’s actually quite attractive, so this would be a reason somebody may get a lip lift.  Now as we can see prior to lip lift, Megan actually had great tooth reveal already.

Maybe she felt like she had too much skin space in between her nose space and her upper lip. I also noticed that when you watch her talk, her lips seldom closed completely over her teeth. I don’t think this is because she can’t close her lips, but rather because she’s not used to having to think about closing her mouth as when she had natural lips. This is something that she did without thinking about it.

Now she can definitely train herself to close her lip over her teeth. Also, as time goes by, her lip lift will relax as no lift to the face is ever completely forever.


Lastly, let’s talk about Megan’s body. Megan Fox is five four and has this lender and muscular body she works out and is also conscientious of what she puts in her mouth.

Does Megan Have a Boob Job?

There have been many rumors over the years that Megan has implants. I went through photos of her throughout the years. At first, I didn’t think she had implants as her chest was modest and not overflowing, but then I saw some signs of implants that were telling like these photos.

I also noticed her breasts were always the same size regardless of her weight fluctuating. I do think that Meghan box has small implants.

So how much does it cost to look like Megan Fox?

Let’s add up her procedures.

  • Acne scar revision 2000 to $5,000
  • CO2 fractional laser, 2,500 to $5,500
  • two rhinoplasties at $30,000
  • cheek lift with browse involved – $17,000
  • cheek implants, $8,000
  • filler to her upper and lower lip-  $2,000 yearly
  • Botox maintenance ongoing $2,000 a year.
  • lip lift – $30,000
  • breast implants, $10,000

Now, we didn’t talk about her getting Botox, but we can safely assume that if she doesn’t have any forehead lines, she is getting Botox maintenance the lip lift at $30,000. The reason I quote such a high price for the lip lift is I do recognize the look of this lip lift and I believe it’s from a certain Beverly Hills doctor who does charge upwards of $30,000 for his lip lifts.

Total cost $109,500

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