Has Jennifer Lopez Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Jennifer Lopez is 50 years old and honestly she looks amazing

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Although Jennifer Lopez turned 50 this year, she sure doesn’t look like it. Let’s be real, the artist still looks phenomenal and it seems like she doesn’t age at all!

Jennifer or JLo as a lot of us love to call her as a singer, actress dancer producer , businesswoman and more and has a hundred million followers on Instagram.  She’s been famous for years and hasn’t seemed to tire yet.

  • What did she do that time has stopped for her?
  • Is it in her DNA or is it the job of a good plastic surgeon?
  • Or maybe it’s love?

Lets find out about Jennifer Lopez’s secret to staying youthful!

Jennifer Lopez turned 50 exactly on July 24!

And can you believe that her successful career has been going on for over 30 years?! Recently she has just finished another world tour called ‘It’s my party’, during which she still was able to gather a huge audience at every show. And the name of the tour apparently referred to the artist’s birthday and every show was like her birthday party.

  • Don’t you think that it may also have described Jennifer’s career because it definitely has been fun?

How did JLo get this lucky?

Despite the changing trends in music over the decades, she still is at the top. Let’s not forget that JLo is also a fashion icon and is known for her unique outfits that she wears on the red carpet and for beauty that doesn’t seem to fade. Well, enhancing your beauty with the help of surgery has become a normal thing among celebrities but Jennifer Lopez, claims that she’s never had plastic surgery and her appearance is 100% natural.

Obviously many people question her words.

Over the years, tabloids have claimed that she got a nose surgery, and slightly enhanced her lips. But when you look at old photos of Jennifer, you can see that she’s changed her hairstyle, clothes and makeup techniques.

So, in the end, her nose could simply have been changed thanks to make-up.

  • Do you think that this is really how Jennifer stays so young?

But the faithful fans defend Jennifer and as proof that she’s all natural and hasn’t improved her features they compare photos of the artist with professional makeup and without it. Well, she has access to the best makeup products and she works only with professional make-up artists.

  • Is makeup really the only thing that keeps the artist so young?

There still are many aesthetic medicine treatments that are less invasive than surgery. Well, after all, only Jennifer knows how it really was.

Anyway, whatever she does, she does it very skillfully!

But apparently she has other more healthy ways that keep her young from the inside.

  • But let me tell you that J. Lo’s mom also doesn’t look her age 39-46, So maybe Jennifer really has such good genes that make her look so young?
  • How did she achieve such an amazing figure?

This is mainly thanks to her active lifestyle and her diet.

The singer says that she will never stop being active and as for her diet, she always remembers to stay hydrated, and eat the best quality fruit and vegetables. Lopez also admits that she doesn’t drink caffeine or alcohol, and she doesn’t smoke. Besides all the healthy stuff, she says that motherhood gives her wings.

Jennifer is the mother of 11-year-old twins who are the result of her marriage to Marc Anthony. And obviously it must be love that keeps her young.

She has been in a relationship with the former baseball player Alex Rodriguez for a few years. The joy that being in a happy relationship with her fiance gives her undoubtedly makes her younger.

Anyway, in September Jennifer appeared in the movie Hustlers where she played a stripper with much younger actresses such as the 22-year-old Lili Reinhart and 38-year-old Julia Stiles.

With her new movie “Hustlers” everyone can get excited about seeing her pull dancing skills that she learned.

She said

This is just as hard as anything I’ve ever learned. It might be one of the hardest. I’ve gotten cuts and bruises and stuff from movies, but I’ve never really bruised like this for anything I’ve done.

I’m just trying to look convincing [as if] I’ve been stripping for a while, I’m comfortable on this pole, and I’m also comfortable with my game, because my character really has the hustle down,” she explained.

We’re gonna look at Jennifer Lopez : any plastic surgery rumors, her body, her overall changes through the years and see if she’s revealed any secrets on staying young for life.

I think the reason that people start rumors about JLo getting work done is mostly because they simply have no other explanations for her looking as good as she does.

  • Does it really matter if Jennifer Lopez uses the services of cosmetic surgeons?

Anyway she still is an icon!

  • Do you think that Jennifer Lopez still looks so young due to such good genes and a healthy lifestyle?
  • Are you a fan of JLo?


Since JLo is 50 people automatically assume that means she’s gonna be full of wrinkles. For this reason, there have been speculations that she’s gotten Botox or anti-wrinkle injections for her forehead and around her eyes for crow’s feet. JLo’s face always looks smooth and flawless and she looks much younger.


Finally these online specialists or doctors also say that Jlo probably has gotten an eyebrow lift treatment and lip fillers but like I said before she looks the same to me.

JLo denied getting any work done. When a surgeon accused her and speculated online she fought back.

Doctor tweeted before-and-after pic of the star writing  that JLo show many signs of plastic surgery , “naturally pretty but now looks amazing” and JLo responded with

“sorry sir but I have never had plastic surgery of any kind”.

People also said if JLo was the age like a normal person she would look a lot different and it truly is a miracle. Actually enhancing photos to show what she might look like in that case.

Definitely not the same JLo we know.


Let’s start with her nose.

So what is JLo been accused of in terms of plastic surgery.  Online a spokesperson of cosmetic or plastic surgeon reported that:

 It is possible that Jennifer may have undergone rhinoplasty. Her nose appears thinner across the bridge and tip and her nostrils appear to be smaller than in previous images.


The woman can definitely put most of us to shame with having a body like that never mind being that fit at 50 like.  I said some sources think JLo had a boob job but I definitely don’t. I think her body has always been all-natural since the beginning .


The real topic of conversation for years was J Lo’s booty, which was definitely the first famous but I ever knew about.  Compared to some of the big fake booties out there these days hers would probably be considered small in comparison.  Hers was always much nicer especially because it’s real. It is because of good genetics I would guess and then just keeping it toned with good old fashioned exercise.

JLo isn’t shy to show off her body in a bikini. Her abs have also been crazy fit since the beginning of time it seems. The only time they weren’t there was when she had kids.


Maybe JLo’s  scurbs are natural but her abs definitely aren’t. The woman puts in serious work to look that way and always has. Some of her personal workout tips include working out in the morning switching it up with different activity and different personal trainers including weights to keep muscles and having a workout buddy.  J Lo’s trainers said that even though her workouts vary they often consist of kickboxing circuit training burpees, lunges and ab workouts to name a few. One thing that gives JLo her famous abs are side-plank oblique crunches according to her trainer.

And don’t forget that JLo loves to dance it’s something that’s always been part of her life with her career and it’s definitely great cardio. JLo also confessed to Hello magazine that:

 I’m a hundred percent convinced that working out is part of what makes me so happy. Dance has always been a huge part of my life and taking the time to move my body and do something that’s so good for me is the key to my happiness and I really believe that when you take care of yourself and work to stay healthy, you’re better able to take care of those you love.

So working out is definitely a priority for me.

So aside from a committed and intense workout routine how else does JLo stay in such great shape. Are there any secrets she has – looking 20 years younger than you really are. She definitely takes serious care of herself and clearly it’s paid off.

JLo finds time in the morning for meditation and reciting affirmations and says:

 I also definitely think beauty comes from within you have to keep your mind soul body and spirit and synk. I’m a firm believer in meditating and when you are happy and feel joy and love you radiate beauty


Not only does JLo work out pretty much every day she also keeps a strict diet. Her diet includes a lot of vegetables and fruits as well as healthy snacking throughout the day. If you went out to eat with her she would be the one ordering salad or fish. Basically JLo was on a low-calorie diet for the most part and gets energy from a lot of healthy protein. She also avoids sugar.


JLo is actually the most disciplined person ever after hearing her routine. Some other things she swears by for looking youthful include proper sleep and protecting your skin from the Sun. She tries to get eight hours of sleep every night or at least as much as possible and always wear sunscreen glasses or avoids being in the Sun. Of course, stay hydrated and drinking a ton of water is one other thing that helps for great skin.

JLo prefers to drink water all the time and on top of that she stays away from alcohol and caffeine which she says our skin records.

JLo secret to looking young and fabulous is not really a miracle. It’s just the hell of a lot of discipline and dedication and self-care. She deserves to look that amazing with all the hard work the woman puts in.

JLo has transformed a lot over the years and actually has gone even prettier than her early days.  She is almost reverse aging. It seems but clearly takes really good care of herself.

When J LO was younger she had darker hair and her complexion was lighter or not as glowing as it is now. She found out what hair and makeup look worked best on her which is one reason. Her light brown highlighted hair color seems to suit her best and the bits of blonde bring out her skin tone.


Her skin also looks great especially for age 50 and she can pull off the natural makeup look. Although people may accuse JLo of getting work done.  She looks the same just much younger than she really is.

Maybe if you work out daily avoid smoking drinking coffee and eat clean and organics and there’s a chance. Even her man Rod who’s an athlete himself says that JLo is more athletic than him and sees just how hard she trains especially since a lot of the time they work out together.  She’s no joke and now she even knows how to pole dance thanks to her movie “hustlers”

She’s so talented and gorgeous learning about her habits in her self-care routine really just made me respect and like her even more she deserves it all.

J Lo possible plastic surgery costs


Possibly, Jennifer has had rhinoplasty sometime at the beginning of her movie career.

The surgeon really worked on the frontal view of her nose and thinning out her bridge.  It’s really smart that the surgeon left some imperfections because it really throws people off the trail of her having a nose job. Rhinoplasty is done under general or Twilight anesthesia. The recovery time is two to four weeks.

Cheek implants

So Jennifer Lopez has always had a beautiful strong jaw but contrary to popular belief you can have a strong jaw but not have strong cheekbones to match it. Her actual cheeks are pretty low on her face.

Maybe she had small cheek implants put in and they likely used silicone.

So cheek implants are put in through an incision in your mouth. It can be done under general or Twilight anesthesia and it takes about an hour. Recovery is three to four months.


Jennifer Lopez has always had these beautiful big brown eyes. She had some laxity in her upper eyelid and also slight bagging in her lower eyelid.  I believe that Jennifer had an upper blepharoplasty and also a lower blepharoplasty. Recovery from blepharoplasty is about two weeks with swelling and redness can last up to a month.


I believe Jennifer Lopez had an early maintenance facelift sometime in her 40s. She also had a neck lift with this smas facelift.

Smas facelift can also involve the eyes and I believe Jennifer Lopez’s eyes were involved in the facelift If you look at her photos her eyes look more horizontally long now than they did before. They also looked tilted upward. Recovery from smas facelift lasts about a month.

Let’s add up the cost of Jennifer Lopez’s plastic surgeries

  • rhinoplasty $7,500 to $15,000
  • cheek implants four thousand to ten thousand dollars
  • blepharoplasty – 4600 to ten thousand dollars
  • Smas facelift plus a neck lift – fifteen thousand to fifty thousand dollars and up

So how much does it cost to look like Jennifer Lopez – $85,000 and possibly more. How much would a regular person paid to look like Jennifer Lopez -$ 31,000.

So how do you feel about Jennifer Lopez’s plastic surgery?

What do you think is stopping her from admitting to having some work done ? Do you think that it’s her own pride and ego ? Do you think it’s her publicist telling her not to do?

More Information About Jennifer Lopez (Bio):

  • Real Name: Jennifer Lynn Lopez
  • Birthday: 24th of July, 1969
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Birth Place: Castle Hill, New York City, New York, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Race / Ethnicity: Puerto Rican, Latino
  • Occupation: Singer, Actress, Voice Actor, Film Producer, TV Producer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Music Video Director, Lyricist, Businessperson, Entrepreneur
  • Net Worth: $360 Million
  • Relationship: Dating with Alex Rodriguez
  • Children: Emme Maribel Muñiz (daughter), Maximilian David Muñiz (son)
  • Height: 1.64 m (5 ft 4 in)
  • Body Measurement: 34-26-37 Inches
  • Bra Size: 34C
  • Dress Size: 6 (US)
  • Shoe Size: 8.5 (US)
  • Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Natural Eye Color: Brown

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