Has Christie Brinkley had plastic surgery?

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Christie Brinkley looks incredible at the age of 66. Is it plastic surgery? And if it is, what do you need to know about it? My name is dr. Anthony Ewan, and I’m known as America’s holistic plastic surgeon. I help health-conscious men and women look and feel incredible using the right foods, clean skincare, and the latest noninvasive treatments. And if you are considering surgery, I’ll show you how to do it safely and holistically.

Today we’re going to focus all on Christie Brinkley and her plastic surgery. Before I get into it, I do need to say that I’m not her plastic surgeon. I’ve never treated her before. All of this is just my opinion, but there’s a lot here to deconstruct in a lot that you can learn about.

This is Christie back when she was age 25, and this is her now at the age of 66.

And if you take a look at her, she looks amazing. She looks incredible, but I do think she’s had some plastic surgery. Now, when you take a look at her, the nice thing is these pictures are very, very similar in how she is smiling and where she’s looking at the camera. And you can see she’s got a great bone structure, but there are some changes that have been made over time to keep her looking so incredible.

I don’t think that these changes have been surgical recently. I do think that the surgical changes happened a bit in the, in the distant past. This is her once again at age 25, and now you can see her at age 58 and at 58 looking once again, incredible.

But this is where I think that she’s had some work done. If you take a look at her eyebrows, maybe a touch lifted here.

If you look at where her hairline has moved back a touch. This may be a possible sign of a very well done endoscopic brow lift, a brow lift will elevate the eyebrows, but it also moves the hairline back a little bit. It’s not unusual for somebody who’s hairline to move back a little bit as they get older. This could be a possible sign of a very subtle, but well done Endoscopic brow lift.

As we take a look at her eyes, obviously she’s got a lot of mascara on she’s got the false lashes, but it is definitely possible that she’s had her eyelids done as well. Hard to say for sure, once again,if she has done, it is done very, very well done.

Does she have lip injections?

We do know that as our face ages, our lips get thinner. And when you take a look at her before and after her lips have actually gotten fuller.

That’s not very typical. I do think that she’s had some injections, injections of filler in her lips that have helped plump her lips up. And that’s one reason why they look so great today.

Otherwise, when you take a look at her and this is something that’s very subtle. The sign of a good facelift is not a face that looks like it’s in a wind tunnel. It’s not a face that you look at and you say, Oh, wow, look how tight her. The sign of a good facelift is a person who has a very sharp neckline and a sharp jawline without jowls. And they’re in their late fifties or sixties. This is her at age 58, looking with looking incredible with this fantastic sharp jawline.

What about a facelift?

Sometime between these two pictures that she underwent a really well done, lower facelift. She also most likely has had some injections, a filler, or more likely fat into her cheeks as well.

When you take a look at her at age 25, she’s got nice full cheeks, making her look, helping her look really youthful. She has retained that volume in her cheeks at age 58, very unusual.  It can be natural, but in her case, I do bet that she’s probably had some injections of either injectable filler like Restylane lift or Voluma, or maybe she’s had injections of her own fat.

Those are some of the surgeries I think that she’s had done now in 2017, she has admitted to some nonsurgical treatments, Xeomen, and Ultherapy.

What is Xeomen and what is Ultherapy?

Xeomen is basically a competitor to Botox. Xeomin helps to smooth the wrinkles of the forehead of the crow’s feet and of the glabella, which are the frown lines that you can get between your eyebrows.

She has actually admitted in an interview that she has had those,  that treatment is done, which is very common, 5 million people every year have Botox or a competitor type of injection done.

That’s one reason why, when you look at her before, when she’s at 58 and when she’s at 66, she’s got a very smooth forehead. She has very little crow’s feet. She doesn’t have those angry 11 sign between her eyebrows. And I think that’s because of the Xeomen that she’s had injected.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is an ultrasound treatment that can tighten up the skin. What they do is we take an ultrasound device, the same type of an ultrasound that helps you to look inside a pregnant woman’s belly at a little baby. You turn those ultrasound waves way up and you focus them into the deep skin. What you can do then is you can get that skin to tighten up by heating the collagen to a certain temperature.

What that can do is it can take a neckline. That’s starting to get a little bit loose and it can help to tighten it up. I think that those are some things that she probably has had between the ages of 58 and 66.

She has undergone these noninvasive or minimally invasive treatments to keep her looking great. Just to take a peek, if you look real closely, you can see that at age 66, her upper lip is actually fuller than it was at age 58.

At age 50 80 for your member, her upper lip was fuller than it was when she was 25. In my opinion, that does show a possible likely sign of her have had some injections of filler or maybe her own fat into her lips and her lips look great.

Her face is still nice and full at age 66. This is not very common unless somebody is significantly overweight, which I’ve obviously she is not.

That to me is a sign once again, of either filler injected into her cheeks or of fat. I don’t think that she has had anything obviously surgical done over these past eight years. I think if she has had surgery, it was probably before this age, 58, and those surgeries have been done so well. She takes such I’m sure great care of herself that those results have lasted.

What can we learn from Christie’s plastic surgery?

  • Small tweaks can make a big difference. You can take a look at her from 25 to 66. Yes, she is. I do believe she has had some surgeries. Yes. Some of these surgeries may have been, you know, pretty significant, but when you’re talking about a lifetime, she’s not one of those who’s had so many operations that she looks plastic.

Doing these small tweaks, maybe getting your eyelids done, you know, this year, and then five years later doing the facelift. And then five years later, you know, doing the lower eyelids, those are things that a lot of celebrities do because these small tweaks, sometimes you can’t really tell they’ve been done until you look at them over the years and say, “Oh my gosh, how did they look so incredible?”

  • No substitute for a good facelift, just not four of them. So what I mean by this is in order to keep a neckline and a jawline as sharp as she has when she is 25, to look as great as she does at 66, typically that does necessitate a real facelift.

Botox isn’t going to tighten up the jawline, fillers aren’t going to do it, lasers aren’t going to do it. Ultherapy is not going to do it. If you really are going to reduce jowls and, and get that really sharp neckline, unfortunately, sometimes you just have to go to the operating room to get that type of a result, even though it’s not for everybody, you know, just to be reasonable and aware of what it can do for you.

When I mentioned that four of them, there are some people who’ve had multiple facelifts. If you look in Hollywood, you recognize them. Those people who look windswept, they look like they’re in that wind tunnel and their face is so tight.

It’s not like they just had one bad facelift. Most of these, I believe celebrities have had many facelifts. Two facelifts possibly, you know, Christie’s had too, I don’t think she’s had more than that, but there are celebrities out there who’ve had three, four, and even more.

And that’s when you really start looking unnatural in plastic.

  • 3d rejuvenation matters. When you take a look at it and the reason why she looks so great, and the difference between let’s say Christie Brinkley’s result, and maybe some of the old, more old fashioned plastic surgery results is that her face still retains good volume. And this is something that, you know, I actually wrote a seminal paper back in 2004 called the volumetric facelift.

This was one of the first papers that really described the three-dimensional aging process and how the face deflates and how the addition of volume, the addition of fat can really help to keep a nice youthful appearance.

Three-dimensionally rejuvenating instead of just lifting and tightening is the actual addition of volume in a conservative manner, not overdoing it, that can keep her looking so incredible.

Three-dimensional rejuvenation matters.

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