Hailey Baldwin: Plastic Surgery

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I am honestly floored by the results of my analysis of Hailey Baldwin.

For a girl who looks as natural as Hayley, she’s had quite a bit of work done. The thing I’m starting to learn is the more natural someone looks, the more plastic surgery they seem to have had, especially in Hollywood.

You guys know that when I say beauty is made and not born, I’m referring to Hollywood, right?

I used to pursue acting in LA and I can tell you, someone can come in with an absolute perfect nose and their agent or someone else will still recommend them getting a nose job because the camera sees features very differently than we see features in real life.

So of course, there are natural beauties, and then there’s made beauties. So basically the beauty we see in Hollywood is mostly manufactured. Beauty Haley’s work is really subtle and gradual. I have a working hypothesis, which is that Hollywood surgeons have learned from their past mistakes of giving actors overnight makeovers, where the public knew right away and kind of taunted them for it.

They realized with our internet-driven culture that people would know right away, that that celebrity looked completely different. Now, a days I believe that plastic surgeons are doing gradual work drawn out within a period of three to five, even 10 years to make it look like that person gradually aged that way.

I swear there must be a plastic surgery seminar called how to fool the public into thinking your celebrity patient is natural.


Let’s start with Haley’s eyebrows. I believe that Hailey Baldwin had lateral brow lit. This can also be done with Botox, but I believe that hers is surgical to really understand this. Let’s look at her hairline. I want you guys to see what I’m seeing. Do you see how the distance between her eyebrows and her hairline has gotten smaller?

Looking at the browse themselves. I want you to take notice of the new brow angle with the tail of the brow, much higher than the start of the Brown.

Compare this to her younger photo where her brow looked pretty much straight.

I also believe that Hailey Baldwin had her brows microbladed and she may have also had an eyebrow hair transplant. This is the procedure that Megan Fox was rumored to have had. Although microblading can create a different shape to the brow. This is not the only thing that Hailey Baldwin had because as I noted earlier, the actual skin distance between her hairline and her eyebrow has also gotten smaller.


Moving on to Haley Baldwins eyes. It’s my opinion that she had an upper blepharoplasty. As you can tell in her before and after photos, Hailey Baldwin had a naturally hooded eye.

I can tell what the extent of how hooded her eye was that she would probably have a problem with her vision, where the skin would drop down into her vision field later in life. So this was a good move for her. I love what the blood blepharoplasty did for her.

It gave her so much more makeup space on her upper eyelid. It really opened up her eyes. This is the reason why I love my blepharoplasty too.


Now we come to Haley Baldwin’s nose, which literally almost gave me an ulcer. I must have analyzed her nose for two to three hours. It’s definitely a different nose than what she started out with. And her original nose looks so much like Stephen Baldwin’s nose.

So from 2012 to 2014, I’m seeing the nose she was born with.

Now we come to 2015. Her nose started to look different. It looks like she had a septoplasty to straighten out the look of the nose, as well as a hump removal.

Some lateral cartilage shaving down and also some tip refinements, but very, very subtle. I think where it gets confusing for everyone is that today in 2020 Haley Baldwins nose is not centered. It’s still a little bit crooked.

You’re probably wondering, well, if she had a nose job, how can her nose still be crooked? Let me explain straightening. Straightening a nose is a crapshoot. After a surgeon, straightens your nose with a septoplasty, it can actually go back to being off-centered or crooked. This is because the septum, which is the cartilage that separates the two nostrils has an amazing memory. And sometimes they don’t know why. It’ll just go back to its original position.

Now back to 2015 and onwards, I’m seeing a smaller columella, it’s still hanging, but it’s smaller, smaller lateral cartilages, which is what makes your nose look less wide when they shave those down. Still around a tip. And as we’ve already mentioned, her nose is still straight in these years.

Now as more years go by, we start to see this higher bridge and a sharper tip.

This can be achieved with a surgical graph through revision rhinoplasty. But my hunch is that she had a nonsurgical nose job where they put filler in her nose to achieve the higher bridge. But both of these methods can achieve the look you’re seeing here.

Does she have cheek fillers?

I’m seeing a slightly higher and more defined sheet. It’s not a crazy, huge cheek. So I’m thinking it’s filler rather than a cheekbone implant. If it’s filler, it’s Juvederm Voluma.

Did she have lips injections?

Haley has naturally beautiful wide lips, but they’re not very plump. So I believe she’s had upper and lower lip filler. And she really did the upper lip filler the right way. She filled in the philtrum with a thinner germ and they also did the Cupid’s bow with a thinner Juby derm. And then for the meat of her lips, they put in Juvederm, XC.

Haley did do something extra, which I’m not a huge fan of, but they also came in through the bottom of her lip and kind of arch these two areas out. And this gives you that little space in between when you close your mouth. It’s a very Instagram look right now.

I wanted to read an actual statement. Hailey Baldwin made during an interview.

My mom’s family call her and they’re like, did Haley do her lips? Did she do her nose? Do people want me to go to the doctor and have them examine my face so they can tell people I haven’t. My face just matured. I grew into my luck. I do look different than I did when I was younger, but it’s still the same face.

So let’s total up Haley Baldwin’s procedures. I use the higher price estimates because Hailey Baldwin can afford top dollar doctors.

Just remember that the most expensive plastic surgeons aren’t always the best.

  • brow lift, 14,000
  • blepharoplasty, 8,000
  • nose job, 15,000
  • non-surgical nose job, 5,000
  • cheek filler, 1000
  • lip filler, 1000 to $2,000.

How much does it cost to look like Hailey Baldwin? $45,000.


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