Getting the best results from nonsurgical body contouring

Many people desire to have sculpted hips, shapely abs, and toned thighs, but sometimes strict diet and exercise regimes are not enough to address stubborn layers of fat. Nonsurgical body contouring procedures are available to help achieve these desired results without the need for liposuction or other surgical interventions. These treatments can provide a slimmer and smoother figure and offer benefits such as minimal recovery time, no requirement for general anesthesia, and cost-effectiveness. However, it is important to do proper research and consult with a medical professional before scheduling any procedure like VelaShape™ III or UltraShape® Power.

Getting the best results from nonsurgical body contouring

Looking at the benefits

Nonsurgical body contouring comes with many key benefits, including:

  • Results that develop steadily over time, making the change in your appearance feel natural to those around you
  • Short treatment sessions that typically take less than an hour, allowing to fit into even a busy schedule
  • Minimal recovery needed, allowing you to continue with work and other responsibilities
  • Limited invasiveness, which can be comforting to those who are stressed by the idea of surgery
  • Little to no pain experienced, though this varies based on the treatment chosen and your individual sensitivities

Although nonsurgical body contouring offers benefits such as more natural-looking results and a shorter recovery time, there are also downsides to consider. One of the biggest disadvantages is that it takes time for the results to become noticeable, which may not be desirable for those seeking immediate changes. Additionally, the amount of fat that can be removed through nonsurgical methods is more limited compared to liposuction. Therefore, if you prioritize instant results and removing larger amounts of fat, it may be more appropriate to consider liposuction over nonsurgical body contouring.

Best candidates for nonsurgical body contouring

It’s important to note that not everyone is an ideal candidate for nonsurgical body contouring procedures. For some patients, surgical procedures may be more beneficial, while others may need to make lifestyle changes before they can fully benefit from any type of body contouring. There are several key factors that can indicate whether you are a suitable candidate for nonsurgical body contouring procedures.

You are at or near your ideal weight

The ideal scenario for someone considering nonsurgical body contouring is to already be at or near their ideal weight. This is because significant weight loss or gain after the procedure can negatively impact the results. However, if the individual is within 20 pounds of their goal weight, they can still achieve satisfactory results from the procedure.

Your skin is firm or slightly loose

It is common for people seeking nonsurgical body contouring to have excess skin rather than stubborn fat pockets, which can give a similar appearance. However, not all nonsurgical body contouring options can effectively tighten loose skin. Therefore, it is crucial to work with your provider to choose the appropriate option based on the degree of skin laxity. It’s worth noting that moderate to severe excess skin usually requires surgical intervention for optimal results.

You are approaching the procedure with an open mind

While nonsurgical body contouring can be a game-changer for many, it’s important to have realistic expectations. Results are typically gradual and not as dramatic as those achieved with surgery. Additionally, some individuals may require multiple sessions to achieve their desired results. However, if you are open to the possibilities and collaborate closely with your provider, you should feel positive about your experience and the outcome.

Getting the most out of nonsurgical contouring

If you decide that nonsurgical body contouring is the best option for you, it is important to take steps to maximize the benefits of the procedure. Generally, there are four key factors that have the most significant impact on the results for most clients.

Committing to a healthy lifestyle

Nonsurgical body contouring aims to target stubborn areas that remain unaffected by diet and exercise. Therefore, it is important to take personal responsibility and adopt healthy habits both before and after the procedure. Failure to maintain a healthy lifestyle post-treatment may result in the loss of the benefits gained from the contouring procedure.

Waiting until they are done having children

The body undergoes significant changes during pregnancy that may reverse the effects of nonsurgical body contouring procedures. Although it is acceptable to consider a revision procedure after pregnancy, it is recommended to wait in order to achieve optimal results from a single treatment.

Avoid UV rays

As nonsurgical body contouring procedures can address not only excess fat but also skin issues, it is crucial to take appropriate care of the skin to maintain the results. This involves keeping the skin well-hydrated and moisturized and, equally importantly, shielding it from harmful UV rays.

Form Healthy Habits

While diet and exercise play a significant role, they are not the only factors that affect the long-term results of body contouring procedures. Habits such as drinking, smoking, and using other substances can negatively impact the metabolism, skin tone, and other factors. It is therefore important to make healthy lifestyle choices overall in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do before my nonsurgical body contouring procedure?

Before the procedure, it is important to ensure that you are in good health and maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise. You should also avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements and stop smoking.

How long does it take to see the results?

The results of nonsurgical body contouring procedures can be visible immediately, but it may take a few weeks or months for the full effect to be apparent.

How long do the results last?

The longevity of the results depends on several factors such as the individual’s metabolism, lifestyle, and the type of procedure performed. The results can last for several months to years with proper maintenance and care.

What should I do after the procedure to maintain the results?

It is important to follow post-treatment instructions provided by your healthcare professional, such as avoiding strenuous activities and wearing compression garments if required. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise, proper hydration, and sun protection can also help to maintain the results.

Are the results of nonsurgical body contouring permanent?

Nonsurgical body contouring procedures can provide long-lasting results, but they are not permanent. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following up with additional treatments as recommended can help to prolong the results.


Getting the best results from nonsurgical body contouring requires a comprehensive approach that involves both pre- and post-treatment efforts. While these procedures can effectively address stubborn areas of fat and skin concerns, maintaining the outcomes requires a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

This includes adopting healthy habits such as staying hydrated, protecting the skin from UV rays, avoiding harmful substances, and engaging in regular exercise and a balanced diet. By taking personal responsibility and following these guidelines, individuals can achieve optimal results and enhance their overall well-being.

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