Farrah Abraham | Before & After

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Starting on MTV’s teen mom to the current season of sex on the beach her appearance has changed.

In 2008, Farrah Abraham who’s only 17 at the time got her start with reality television on MTV “16 and pregnant” eventually starring for years on the spinoff show “Teen Mom”, which is how most of us know her.

Some males recognize Farrah from the adult movies that she started, which definitely caused a scandal. However, Farrah didn’t seem to hate the attention and the paychecks that came with this. This may also have something to do with her beauty transformation because their look definitely isn’t subtle anymore.

We’ll be breaking down Farrah’s transformation from the natural-looking teen mom she once was to how she looks today, which is a lot to cover.

Before and after transformations

First, we’ll look at Farrah’s cosmetic procedures. Farrah has gone under the knife plenty of times, but she doesn’t try to hide it.

Let’s start with her face.

Nose job

In 2012, Farrah got a nose job and a chin implant by a doctor in Bal Harbor, Florida. Sarah explained:

I finally feel gorgeous. I’ve hated my nose since I was 13. I don’t have to hate anything on my face ever again. I feel gorgeous.

This didn’t last long though. And she opted to remove the chin implant in 2013.

I think that in recent years, her nose looks even smaller. So she may have gotten it done more than once.

Lip injections

In 2013, Farrah also began getting lip injections. Although some of her teen mom costars threw shade at her for this plenty of them jumped on the bandwagon years later, getting a lot of work on themselves. I remember Farrah’s lip injection journey pretty well who could forget her Bosch lift job in 2015 photo circulated online, making her a joke, but it was pretty scary. She wanted a lip implant because it was more permanent, but instead, she got an intense allergic reaction. These days, Farah has gotten some of her lip fillers dissolved. Posting a video this past summer she explained that she didn’t want too much filler on her top lip due to a fear of the duct lips look.

However, in recent pics, her lips still look quite big. Wearing braces in her early days has also helped create this streak, teeth and smile Farrah has now.

Farrah’s body – boob job

The star has gotten more than one boob job done. Her second attempt was the one that made a noticeable difference. In 2013, Farrah increased her C cup size to a D. Conveniently around the same time she started getting involved in the adult film industry. It’s also no secret that Farah has gotten her butt implants.

Looking at photos of Farrah before and after you can see the huge difference even her body shape has drastically changed in the past couple of years.

She recently got scrutiny for a video she posted on her Instagram while getting butt injections done because her nine-year-old daughter, Sophia, was in the room watching the whole thing, go down.

Last year, Farrah also underwent vaginal rejuvenation, which is a broader term for a handful of procedures done on lady’s parts. The shocking part isn’t that she got it done. It’s a fact that she shared the whole event on social media, even live streaming.

Apparently this was just one of the four procedures that went down to give her the designer vagina that she wanted. Although it might be considered too much information or outrageous. I do respect her confidence for not caring what other people think.

Farrah’s beauty look

She has always at a dark, exotic appearance, likely due to the fact that her father’s of Syrian and Italian background while her mother is more fair-skinned.

with her mom

Farrah’s hair at the beginning was dark Brown, which looks like her natural color. Over the next few years, she dyed her hair a bit, but nothing drastic.

The brunette seems to suit her so she played around with varying shapes. I like Light Brown.

In 2016 Farrah made a bigger change and went blonde, which he kept for almost a year.

And the following year, she switched it up yet again, this time for a bold red color, I actually liked his shade a lot on her. I think it was my favorite.

These days Farrah is back to a light brunette shade.

Her natural hair is just past shoulder length. So she also clearly had hair extensions before to give it that length and volume. Although some think Farah looks extra fake and appears to wear a lot of makeup she’s been showing us a natural look more often.

Honestly, I think she might’ve been looked better without all the makeup. She still plays around with different looks and wears wigs sometimes to keep some variety.


Altogether Farrah has changed a lot since her debut on MTV “16 and pregnant” and “teen mom” from all the work that she’s got done, as well as her style evolution, she looks completely different than the girl next door we were first introduced to.

Many might thinks she’s extreme over the top, but one thing’s for sure is she has a ton of confidence. I don’t think she lets the haters get to her.

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