Dove Cameron BEFORE Plastic Surgery?

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Many celebrities look alike today and it’s probably because they use the same makeup techniques and also undergo similar surgical procedures.  Dove is obviously very gorgeous and it’s all thanks to some adjustments on her body.

We’ll have a look at Dove Cameron’s transformation over the years. Before we get to that let’s start from the beginning.

Like most teen or Disney actresses she was really cute and likable already but looking at Before-and-after photos I think she had some work done to change her appearance a bit. It’s actually pretty interesting because it seems like Dove did get cosmetic work done but a lot of. It started when she was still really really young like 14.

We’re gonna focus on Dove’s any cosmetic work. She’s had done her body and her overall transformation over the last few years.

Let’s start with what I think changed the most.


Dove’s face straight up the girl looks like a doll but it’s hard not to wonder how much of it is actually natural-looking at pictures of Dove as a child. Before she was acting. We can see that she had a larger nose. It was much more prominent than it is today but when exactly did it start looking different.


Her nose already looks way smaller on her face. It’s also sleeker and there’s no evidence of a bump on the nasal bridge. She was also just starting to act at this time but her look already was changing.

Doves mom Bonnie J Wallace has written a book called “The Hollywood parents guide: your roadmap to pursuing your child’s dream” A parent who’s so passionate about their child reaching stardom wouldn’t mind them getting a little nose job or plastic surgery.


Beauty transformation is her lips comparing pics from then and now you can see how drastically her lips changed in size even when she was only 16 at times.

Her lips seemed unusually puffy. Those lips are always looking extra full these days.


Dove’s cheeks also look a bit different so there’s always the possibility she’s gone other fillers in the face looking at pics of Dove from then and now we can see her cheeks look fuller.

It’s also very possible that these changes came natural with maturing and losing baby fat but this leads  to another speculation.


Some have also suggested that dove hasn’t always had dimples in her cheeks which does look like the case from the last pic apparently there’s a procedure to get artificial dimples.


Her teeth weren’t always that nice.  She may have had braces to make them so straight or even gotten veneers.

She hasn’t admitted or opened up about getting any work done.


Moving on to Dove’s body starting with the basics is you can probably tell by looking at her she’s really petite standing at only 5 foot 2. She’s also thin and looks like she obviously stays in shape.

In the past the star opened up about struggling with an eating disorder.

“I feel like that can be pretty common especially in Hollywood.  She told:

I’ve never said this before but I had such a bad case of anorexia, I was so badly down that hole. I was not eating for days sometimes but it was because I thought I needed to be absolutely tiny to be loved

I genuinely thought I needed to be as skinny as I possibly could to be loved and appreciated and good enough.”

Dove went on to say that she’s worked really hard to be healthy and happy. I would say that she’s still really tiny. Anyways Dove said that she does exercise to stay in shape and if she has more time in the morning she would do a bigger workout than just simply stretching.


Firstly there has always been speculation that she’s gone implants looking at pics though it would seem that she has always had a nice set, especially for her body type. Sometimes they look fuller but it’s definitely possible with either push-ups or from simply gaining a couple of pounds.

When fans have asked in the past on Twitter about them Dove’s said that it’s no secret that their C cups and also said

“I’ve had C’s since I was 14 it’s just a body I let it do its thing”

So that’s Dove saying there’s nothing to speculate about and she’s all natural however she just posted on her Instagram recently some selfies that are getting some attention. She posted them with quotes about female empowerment. So obviously there is some back-and-forth opinions in the comment section and people talking.

Dove’s look in general has evolved a lot since her early Disney days. Although I think she’s always had an innocent girly look she’s changed from more of the girl next door to super glamorous.


Dove has always been blonde for the most part but she used to have more of a golden blonde look when she was younger. she’s had a lighter platinum blonde color for a while. Now and it’s become a signature of hers. I think this shade suits her the best. She also has collaborated with the popular hair extension brand Bellamy for her own line of extension. Dove has said she always uses their extensions whether it’s tape ins clip ins or other types which would explain the perfect length she had.


Another one of doves beauty trademarks seems to be her flawless skin.  Although she obviously looks great when she’s all done up I think she looks equally pretty without makeup and most would agree dove has said her secrets to nice skin are pretty simple. She hydrates a lot so drinking a ton of water and eating healthy. In terms of her routine she cleanses both in the a.m. and p.m. and moisturizes like crazy. Going makeup free is also something she does often but she says she wasn’t always comfortable.

Dove has told Tiger Beat Magazine a few years back when they asked if she was always confident going out bear face

“Definitely not! I wore a lot of makeup during school. But there was also part of me that really wanted to wear makeup all the time because I felt like I wasn’t beautiful underneath.

It seems like dove has grown up and come a long way. Looking at Dove’s transformation from her

Disney Channel beginnings and Liv and Maddie to how she is today we can see how much she’s grown up. She was always cute and talented but in her early 20s now she seems to have found her signature look and style.

Although Dove hasn’t opened up about getting any cosmetic work done it seems obvious that she’s had a few changes that were less natural. That’s Hollywood .

She’s only 23 I’m pretty sure we will only see bigger things in the future.

Baby Dove

To understand her looks we first need to understand her roots and luckily Dove Cameron has spoken about her ancestry in some of her interviews. Cameron has stated that she is of French descent in that she speaks some French, she’s also Russian Slovak and Hungarian descent.

2012 when she was around
16 years old

Year 2008

2008 she had the lead role of Mary in The Secret Garden at that time she was still young and innocent but only until a few years later

Year 2011

2011 things started to change when Dove Cameron started landing bigger roles in the entertainment industry
This is the same year that her dad died and she changed her name from Chloe to Dove

Well it looks like she also decided to change her appearance to suit the new name and the new lifestyle in the entertainment industry delve lighten her hair to a yellowy blonde tan.

Most fans believe that she got her first nose job when she was just 15.

The surprising part was that her mother supported the procedure. Dove’s mom has written a book called The Hollywood parents guide.

Dove got her first tattoo when she was 14 so her mom is evidently the type of mom who would bend a few rules for her daughter .

Year 2012

2012 Cameron was casting a Disney Channel series ‘Bits & Pieces’ as Alana.
Shortly after filming the pilot ‘Bits & Pieces’ was retold into “Liv and Maddie”

This year she was 16 years old and her face was fuller but that was probably because of teen fat.  In her defense, she had started earning a lot of for playing both Liv and Maddie and she was probably only eating well.

The pilot episode of Liv and Maddie gained 5.8 million viewers which was the most-watched in total viewers in two years since the series to shake it up.

Another explanation of the full face was that she had face fillers at some point. The face looked too swollen plus it was just the face the rest of the body was still skinny.

People also started noticing that her lips were also fuller and that wasn’t because of the teen fat.

Another explanation of the full face was that she had face fillers at some point. The face looked too swollen plus it was just the face the rest of the body was still skinny.

People also started noticing that her lips were also fuller and that wasn’t because of the teen fat.

Her hair color also changed to a strawberry blonde which is the hair color of Liv and Maddie. In the show, Dove and her doubles all had to wear wigs because of different hair textures. But the color was similar to her hair eagle-eyed.

Year 2013

2013 there are barely any raw photos of Dove from 2013 but this is when things started becoming very clear

The bridge of Dove’s nose looked completely flattened. Many people speculated that it was another surgical operation gone wrong probably because she was too young to undergo rhinoplasty.

The same year that she started becoming serious about her music career.

Cameron released a cover of on top of the world by the imagine dragons as a promotional single. Her cover peaked on the Billboard kid Digital Songs chart at 17 and spent three weeks on the chart

On October 15, 2013 better in stereo was released as a single under Walt Disney Records. The song made its debut on the Billboard kid Digital Songs chart at number 21 before peaking at number one becoming Cameron’s first number-one hit.

As she was singing and enjoying life fans started noticing her dimples which were not present when she was younger.

There’s no evidence that dub was born with dimples because in every smiling picture from her youth she had no dimples

In 2013 her hair color also matched the color of her eyebrows but that didn’t last long

Year 2014

In 2014 she had hopes of pursuing a serious musical career. In February Cameron confirmed reports that recording had begun for her debut studio album. Her next single “count me in” was released on June 3rd, 2014. The song peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Kids Digital Songs chart. By that time Dove changed her hair color and it appeared a bit reddish.

She kept the hair throughout the year and fans still noticed that she was undergoing transformations Her lips were way fuller and she had dramatic fake eyelashes. Dove claimed that her long eyelashes were all natural and she loved them the way they were.

Her bottom lip also appeared overfilled to the point where her inner mouth skin was protruding out and exposed and a brow lift was also very evident. Dove’s eyebrows were placed much higher up and her eyes appeared lifted compared to the low brows and neutral almond eyes of her childhood.

Year 2015

By 2015 Dove’s skin had achieved a perfect glow. She could easily get away with a simple lip gloss and a blush. She’d also achieved the perfect blonde with her hair.

Dove and Ryan McCartan also formed a band called “the girl in the dreamcatcher”

In the same year released their first single “written in the stars”

Year 2016

Of course, we’ve already established that she got lip fillers.

At this point, she has started achieving the perfect look and that leads us to the next year where she knew which features look best with her face.

Year 2017

From her photos from 2017 you noticed that the face is thinner her eyebrows were perfectly lifted . She also had a remarkable chiseled nose

Year 2018

2018 dove Cameron maintained her appearance in 2018 and she was probably comfortable with the look she had achieved, her nose was no longer droopy and she has gone back to a smaller top lip which works best for her face.

Year 2019

This year Dove Cameron surprised her fans with another hair transformation. She still looks like a doll but a doll with lilac hair. When she released the video to her first single fans were worried that her lips now looked very weird.

Dove hasn’t done anything wrong by getting the surgeries in fact she’s within Hollywood standards.  The problem is how she insists that she’s all natural and talks about how people should accept themselves.

Apparently Dove has been photoshopping her photos from when she was younger to make her fans believe that all her features are natural.

More Information About Dove Cameron:

  • Real Name: Chloe Celeste Hosterman
  • Birthday: 15th of January, 1996
  • Star Sign: Capricorn
  • Birth Place: Seattle, Washington, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Actress, Singer, Voice Actor
  • Net Worth: $3 Million
  • Relationship: Dating with Thomas Doherty
  • Children: None
  • Height: 1.57 m (5 ft 2 in)
  • Weight: 52 kg (115 lbs)
  • Body Measurement: 33-24-32 Inches
  • Bra Size: 32B
  • Dress Size: 4 (US)
  • Shoe Size: 7 (US)
  • Natural Hair Color: Blonde
  • Natural Eye Color: Green

What do you think if its natural beauty she has?

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