Did Rihanna have Plastic Surgery?

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Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born in 1988 in st. Michael Barbados. Rihanna is the oldest of three children born to Monica Venti an accountant and her husband Ronald Venti, a warehouse supervisor.


 Rihanna’s mom was a huge source of encouragement to her. She taught her how to value her attributes like strength, independence, and confidence. Rihanna was discovered at the young age of 15. Record producer Evan Rogers was struck by her green eyes, her long supermodel neck, and her perfect makeup. He said if this girl can sing that holy looking at me honest early photos, what stands out to me is her beautifully formed head.

Concave profile

Rihanna has a somewhat rare profile called a concave profile. A concave profile is when your forehead and your chin stick out further than the middle of your face where your nose is.

Let’s compare this to a convex profile like Lady Gaga has where your forehead is sloped, and your nose sticks out further than the rest of your features.

convex profile like Lady Gaga

Another gorgeous trait that Rihanna has is her horizontally long eyes. They’re also such a beautiful and striking color.

Another one of my favorite features of Rihanna’s is her highly sculpted cheekbones. I also

love her high forehead. I was really surprised to read that we honestly been teased for that high forehead.

Rihanna shot back with confidence, so as Rihanna got more famous, people started noticing her beautiful looks. They started questioning whether her looks were completely natural. One of the claims was that Rihanna had a hairline lowering procedure, also known as a forehead reduction.

A forehead reduction

 A forehead reduction or hairline lowering can be surgical or non-surgical. In a surgical procedure, a piece of your forehead skin is removed, and then the rest is sewn up in place. This not only gives you an impression of a smaller forehead, it also brings your hairline down.

Another non-surgical option to reduce the forehead or to make the hairline seem lower is hair transplant. A hair transplant is where you take hair from another area of your body, usually at the back of your head, and you transfer that here to where it’s needed. In this case, you’re gonna transfer it to the hairline. It’s usually done in a single appointment and can take about four to nine hours, depending on how many grafts you need.

Now surgical forehead reduction or hairline lowering starts at about eighty-four hundred dollars. Hair transplants alone are actually a lot more expensive, and they start at ten thousand dollars and go up from there. A hairline lowering procedure is not a complicated procedure nowadays. The surgeon usually does it under local anesthesia, and it’s done in their office.

Be prepared for weeks of swelling and bruising after the procedure.

Did Rihanna have a forehead reduction or hairline lowering procedure?

If you look at these younger photos of Rihanna, you may notice that she does have a higher hairline.

 I believe that the slightly receded hairline as a child was just due to a lot of tension on her hairline from the brief that they were doing. I do think that as she got older, her hairstyles changed, and she did less of the hairstyles that placed so much tension on her hairline.

Is her eye-color natural?

A big controversy between Rihanna’s fans and people online is that her beautiful green eye color is a result of color contacts. I didn’t see much proof that Rihanna’s natural color was brown in fact, all of her photos looked like her eyes are a beautiful natural green and brown color. I do think that Rihanna’s natural eye color is a hazel green.

Now let me tell you why, let’s zoom in on Rihanna’s eyes. Do you see that the green pattern in her iris is not completely symmetrical and even? This is a dead giveaway that that’s her natural eye color. As color contact color usually looks too perfect and too symmetrical.

It also can look isolated when you zoom in. Another reason why I think Rihanna’s eye color is her natural color and not contacts are when I zoom in, you don’t see that distinct ring around her iris that we see when people are wearing contact lenses.

Also, keep in mind that since Rihanna has hazel green eyes, they can change with the amount of lighting that’s in the room as well as the color that she’s wearing. But either way, her eyes are simply stunning.

Throughout her career, Rihanna has reinvented herself more than once, and she doesn’t seem to be afraid of change. Since the humble stars beginnings as a Barbados native, her image has evolved. Recently there also has been talked about Rihanna’s weight gain.

Considering she’s 31 at the time of this article and started in Hollywood as a teen, it’s not surprising that her body would change. But we’ll talk more about this later.

Rihanna is a woman of many talents with her brand Fenty offering makeup apparel and even lingerie now the star certainly isn’t lacking in the success Department. She’s also had her share of ups and downs though including her seemingly toxic relationship with Chris Brown in the past.

These days it seems Rihanna has put all of that behind her, and although we could probably go on and on, we gonna focus just on her look and image and how she’s transformed.

We’re going to talk about Rihanna’s look, her body, and how she’s changed over the years.


Starting with Rihanna’s face aside from the usual maturing, her face doesn’t seem to have changed all that much. But like most celebs, there have been rumors that she has gone work done such as a nose job breast implants and more.

Did she have a rhinoplasty?

So the last claim of plastic surgery is that Rihanna had a nose job or a rhinoplasty. A lot of people online say that sometime between 2008 and 2010, Rihanna’s nose got slimmer less wide and more defined.

Maybe because Rihanna has changed her styling so frequently, this has led people to jump to the surgery conclusion.

Has Rihanna Had A Nose Job?

 I never really thought about Rihanna getting plastic surgery until I had a closer look. Even though her nose looks natural to her face, it does look a bit different than when she was a teen.

Before Rihanna’s nose looked wider and flatter than it does today. Although changes are subtle looking at recent photos, Rihanna’s nose looks like it’s shifted slightly more upwards, and it’s not as wide.

These changes seem to be visible after 2013, so it’s likely she got a nose job around that time. Rihanna’s nose is apparently loved by many as well, considering it started a plastic surgery trend. Dr. Melissa doffed a plastic surgeon from New York, has said that they’re a bunch of celebrity noses that patients request for themselves, and Rihanna’s is one of them. She told

“Rihanna’s nose definitely gets commented on. They like the symmetry, the little upturn, and the fact that it’s straight. It doesn’t project too far from their face”

 Comparing photos of Rihanna over the years I wouldn’t assume she’s had anything else done. Her face looks smooth and wrinkle-free so there’s always the possibility of Botox or fillers considering she’s in her 30s now.

But she could also just simply have good skin. Either way, Rihanna still manages to look natural and flawless.


Moving on to Rihanna’s body for the past little while, the star has been getting quite a bit of attention for her recent weight gain. It’s not like the curves don’t suit her, but it isn’t the same Rihanna we were all used to.

the star has been getting quite a bit of attention for her recent weight gain

Over the past couple of years, Rihanna has been getting thicker, but she doesn’t seem to care. Although there were plenty of haters and body shamers calling her fat, she always remained confident in her own skin.

Rihanna has even said that she considers it a pleasure to have a fluctuating body type. I wish we could all think like that.

The Rihanna we were familiar with for many years was known for having a flat tummy and always looking toned when she was just a teen. She looked tiny and fit.

Although you could tell, she always had natural curves, her size did change a little bit from time to time but nothing drastic.

There were times when Rhianna looked a lot smaller, too but she still looked healthy, in my opinion.

Rihanna slowly developed her curves more, but she still looked great in the bikini. It was in 2017 where she started noticeably gaining weight.

In 2018 Grammy performance, a lot of people started accusing Rihanna of being pregnant and basically bashing her. They weren’t calling her pregnant there were plenty calling her fat as well.

It doesn’t matter what internet trolls think, and at the end of the day, Rihanna hasn’t let it affect her.

Sure these days, she might not be as tiny as before, and she may have more curves, but she still seems to be rocking it.

The Stars even said that if you want a butt, then you have a gun. With Rihanna’s lingerie line Fenty and savage that recently came on to the market, one of her goals were simply to make women feel sexy and confident as they are.

The lingerie is made for women of every body type. For the release of our line, Rihanna spoke to Vogue and said

“you’ve just gotta laugh at yourself honestly… I mean, I know when I’m having a fat day and when I’ve lost weight. I accept all of the bodies. I’m not built like Victoria’s Secret girl, and I still feel very beautiful and confident in my lingerie as I’ve mentioned there have.”

Did Rihanna Get A Boob Job?

Also been rumors that Rihanna may have gotten breast implants. However, looking at pictures, I don’t understand why people would even speculate that.

It’s relatively easy to see that her boobs are natural. Since they seem to change size with her weight, they definitely are looking fuller these days, but it’s likely just from her gaining some weight.

Looking at all of Rihanna’s looks through the years, it’s clear that she isn’t afraid of change.


The stars certainly embraced a ton of different hair colors and styles, some short and some long. In the early days, Rihanna’s hair was the pretty simple long brunette style with some highlights and bangs. And a year later, she made it a solid color, which I preferred.

She then rocked the short bob, cutting it even shorter the next year. It seems to me she made all of these look good and the short styles made her look more mature.

The next significant Rihanna look which I personally loved was the red hair. This came around 2011. It definitely stood out, but it suited her, and it looked super hot.

Since then, Rihanna tried out plenty of hairstyles including blonde back to a light brown partly shaven style and more.

She’s had the black or dark hair pretty often, which I think suits her at any length.

These days Rihanna’s hair seems to be a natural-looking block, but she still seems to be doing some interesting Styles with it.


With Rihanna’s makeup I mean she has her own makeup line, so it’s no surprise she knows what looks good on her. I think she can pull off a ton of different styles, and she even looks amazingly natural.

One of my favorite Rihanna looks has to be red lips. Rihanna has been famous for over a decade, so it’s no surprise people always have something to say in terms of her appearance.

Unfortunately, some have been extra critical about her recent weight gain. The way that Rihanna has dealt with negativity surrounding her weight up to this point sets good messages for body confidence, though.

The star has displayed that she’s happy with the way that she looks and could care less what fat Shamer says. With an impressive music career so far in her successful brand, Rihanna is an icon.

 I think in the years to come, we’ll only see more of her transformation and whatever bold changes to her look she decides to embrace.


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