Chantel Jeffries plastic surgery

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chantel before and after

Chantelle is an assigned model, a DJ who goes by CJ, the DJ, a record producer, actress, and YouTube personality, so I guess the girl is doing it all. She’s big in the influencer game and has 4.4 million followers on Instagram.

I recall that her big break came from getting with the Biebs back before he was married, of course. I think she caught him in his more troubled time considering she was in the passenger seat when he got pulled over for DUI reading threads online I heard a lot of different things about Chantel.

First, it seemed pretty unanimous that the girl had worked done and changed her face with some cosmetic work and fillers.

The girl also has a mugshot, courtesy of an offense back when she was 18 and it sounded pretty bad. The rest was for assault with a deadly weapon. Witnesses said that she stabbed a friend or ex-friend or something five times in the arm. Anyways, from what I understood, charges were dropped and Chantal paid court costs. Chantal denied this after its service to the public stating

For the record, I have not been arrested five times as has been saved in the media, nor am I guilty of physically assaulting anyone in any way, shape or form. I am a full time student who had enjoyed a normal lifestyle free from public scrutiny and criticism until now. What has happened to me is wrong. I want people in general and the media in particular to consider the impact their disparaging comments have on the individual, especially when their comments are inaccurate.

Chantal seems to have escaped the drama now and considering she’s 26 at the time of this article, she’s probably done with most of it. She’s made it big as a social media star and much more so it was probably easy to put the past behind her.

But today we’re not focusing on showing post past aside from how she used to look.  We’re going to focus on Chantal any cosmetic work she’s had done, her boob job gone wrong, and just how she transformed over the last few years.

Before and after transformation

Looking at picks of Chantal when she was younger and still a kid you can tell the girl is already pretty but she does look a bit different. It’s just hard to say what exactly changed.

I think her facial features were stronger and less delicate if that makes sense. Some photos that Chantal has posted of when she was a kid, her face looks a bit different but it could always be the angles.

Did she have a nose job?

I personally think that she got a nose job to make it smaller.

Even though Chantal had a great nose before when you compare picks from then and now you can see an obvious change.

Even though it’s subtle enough not to change her face too drastically her nose is too slim and petite these days to be natural in my opinion. Even though Chantal denies it, that really can’t be the same nose she’s always had.

Has she got lip injections?

Even though Chantal always had pretty full lips I do think with the shape and structure that they are now that she probably gets them filled a bit too. Pretty sure almost every chick gets them now. Even those who don’t need them.

People online all suspect that Chantal has work done and plenty of fillers in the face to change her look a bit over time. The common opinion seems to be that the fillers or work she’s had done or whatever she’s doing is making her look older than she actually is.

For example, this person thinks that she looks so much older now.

She looks older, basic plastic LA woman

I don’t think Chantal looks that old, but definitely older and more mature than her age. Some say she may do sculptural filler injections to give her a gradual changing and super smooth look to her face, which some celebrities choose to get.

She does have a really smooth look to her face and her features look more defined than they used to. Her cheeks are quite high and her jaw area is slim and long. I think that whatever Chantal has been doing to her face, it has been gradual so that it could be played off as natural, but I do think her chin and jaw look more long-dated now in her nose is for sure smaller as a result of plastic surgery, but what do you guys think?

Comment and let me know what work you think Chantal has or hasn’t gotten done. Honestly, I think Chantal was so pretty growing up and as a kid and already looked like a model, so I don’t think she needed to change anything with her face.


Now we’ll look at Chantal’s body, but mostly her boob job and what went wrong. It’s no shocker that she has breast implants or that she got them done pretty young.

Did she have a boob job?

She has also been really open about it. It’s even hard to find pics of when they were still small, but there’s the odd few out there and you can clearly tell the difference in size. After her boob job, they were much bigger.

Back in 2017 though Chantal posted a blog about how she had a bad experience with her implants and then got a reduction and a lift.

I’m doing a video that I’ve been wanting to do for a little while. It’s something I’m a little bit nervous about, but I wanted to share it with you guys because I think it could be really helpful and I also wish that I had a video like this to see what I was going through the situation.

Chantal talks a lot of technical stuff in this video about the procedure and what they do for implants as well as reductions.

Anyways, Shantelle said she got a boob job initially because weight fluctuations caused her to lose the look of her original breasts and according to her they got smaller and turned deflated, looking and saggy. She said that she wasn’t that educated the first time with implants and the doctor encouraged her to go bigger and said they would drop over time.

However, with a bit of weight gain, they even grew more Shantelle said,

So my boobs went from being a 32 D to like a double DD, which I never wanted. I felt like they looked fake. I felt like I didn’t look like myself. I didn’t want that. I didn’t want people looking at me and just looking at my boobs.

So basically Chantal decided on a reduction in the lift because the implant seemed far too big for her body and this time she did more research beforehand. Although her boobs are still noticeably fake in my opinion, they definitely don’t look as large as before and suit her frame much better.

Aside from her boobs, I don’t think Chantal has had any other work done on her body. She does love showing it off in bikinis all over social media though. Much like any IG model.

Diet and lifestyle

The girl definitely does work to keep her body so toned and fit. In fact, Chantal posted her diet online before sharing it on Twitter, and from the looks of it, it seems very disciplined.

No sugars or carbs and a ton of healthy stuff like we meat veggies and vegan dairy. Lots of protein too. I’m not sure if it’s the same diet these days, but I can tell Chantal is super healthy. I’m sure that it’s not easy to keep that model figure that she has an obviously proud of.

Chantal also exercises to keep herself in shape. She’s often seen out and about in her gym clothes and keeps up a consistent workout schedule to go along with her healthy diet.

Some online sources say that Shantelle goes to the Equinox gym in LA where her routine is usually made up of cardio and lifting exercises. And if she can’t make it to the gym, she does a short workout of jump squats, sit-ups and leg lifts.

Chantal has said in a video she did for the brand “Pretty little thing” that she likes to switch it up with her activities and enjoys doing a variety to keep her motivated.

My favorites workouts is cycling because I like to hike. I like to skate real estate as fun swimming. So that’s something to keep you motivated. It’s always doing different things.

Chantal also says that having a workout buddy is good to keep you exercising as well. Someone who’s just as intuitive as you are. Finally, the girl swears that water is the key. Shantelle really believes instincts super hydrated and chugging water throughout the day, which I agree with.

Drinking a couple of liters or more daily will actually make you feel so much better.

So finding the diet that works for you and staying really hydrated is the biggest part of working out.

So considering Chantal is a model with the Wilamena models, she obviously always looks flawless and post some pretty perfect IG pics. So what are her secrets?

Chantal answered a few beauty questions for the website “My diary” and told them some of her secrets and tips. Like I mentioned before, the girl swears by drinking water, and this goes for her beauty regimen as well.

Chantal says that beauty starts from being healthy inside, first off, and it also helps for having clear skin. She also doesn’t have dairy in her diet, and that’s mostly because it makes her breakout, so she obviously avoids it.

When asked about her hair, Chantal says that she takes supplements and vitamins to keep it healthy and also says:

“I put coconut oil in my hair quite a bit. My hair is usually really dry, so I have to make sure to put a lot of moisture on it. I also like to use the mask by Tresemme. I like the volumizing powder by big, sexy hair. It adds volume and absorbs oil.”

Chantel also revealed she doesn’t trust others with her hair and makeup. She likes doing it herself. Her mom was a hairdresser growing up and because of that, Chantel learned the basics of doing hair, like how to cut it.

So those are just some of Chantel ‘s tips if you want to have glowing skin and great hair like she does. Also, when you see family photos of Chantel and her parents and siblings, you can see that she got lucky with amazing genes, to begin with.

Her parents looked great. Her beauty definitely helped her out on her road to fame though. Not only is she a social media star, but she’s also now assigned model, DJ, actress among other things, so good for her.

Regardless of what Chantel has or hasn’t gotten done she definitely looks gorgeous. There are always going to be haters like the ones from our high school I read about online who claimed she’s always been desperate for a famous boyfriend, but that’s really inevitable, especially in Hollywood. I hope that whatever changes Chantel made to her appearance, she’s happy and confident with her transformation over the years and from the looks of it.

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