Angelina Jolie plastic surgery: natural or not?

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Angelina Jolie: Plastic (Cosmetic) Surgery

This is the story of a little girl born to Hollywood parents. These parents bred her for the spotlight. She was meant to be the leading lady and not the quirky sidekick. Now, no one would ever dispute this girl’s natural beauty.

In fact, you could pick her out easily in photos from her childhood as being the most eye-catching one, but this wasn’t about just being beautiful. This was about being an incomparable beauty, one that stood out even when paired up against other beautiful women because she could be nothing less than the best a leading lady was created.

There’s a famous saying in Hollywood, being a natural beauty means that your plastic surgeon had great material to work with.

Hollywood is a discriminating beast for every hometown beauty that comes to Hollywood. There’s about a thousand others who come out and most will not make it to the big screen.

Angelina was born to actor John Boyd and his wife, Marshall Eve in 1975 in Los Angeles, California. Angelina Jolie is the spitting image of her father, John voids, or issue the spitting image of her mother throughout her whole life.

She’s actually looked like both of them. What do you guys think? Born to fame, wealth, and privilege. Angelina Jolie hit the proverbial jackpot but were her natural looks enough to lead her to start up. Let’s find out.

Natural beauty traits

Looking at her features, the ones that stand out most to me are her huge round eyes.

Her sunken in the under-eye area, her street-wide notes, her gorgeous and large natural lips and her perfect facial symmetry. Angelina had a great starting point sometime between 13 and 15 Angelina got her braces off.

She also had jaw surgery to correct her job relationship. This really improved her smile. It also really improved her profile. Now, this type of job surgery usually leads to a wider nose and I believe that after this jaw surgery, Angelina Jolie had her first rhinoplasty.

Year 1994-1996

Pay attention to Angelina’s jaw and chin. Look at how short they look from the front point of view. Notice that her jaw and chin structure is mostly made up of facial fat and not a bony structure.

Notice how our eye shape is round and the corners and the brow tail turned down. First of all, know that when I see the word puberty in the comments, I want to scream. Past 15 or 16 and a little later for men, your cheeks and your jaw are pretty much done growing. Now, some of you are going to say, well, you lost weight or your face changed. Well then you’re the exception because the exception proves the rule and if you look up in any science textbook or Natsumi textbook, you will see that the facial bones are usually set for both genders by early, early adulthood.

Year 1997-1998

Here we are in 1997 through 1999 we see a more prominent chin and also a more prominent jawline.

Now, this is probably the result of a jaw and chin implant, although the chin looks very large for her here, her lips have equaled out in size and this may be a result of a V to the Y lip lift in a beat to the white lip lift, a section of lip skin is cut into the shape of a beam. Now, this releases a bunch of lip tissue. Then the incision is closed up into a Y shape. That’s why it’s called a V to the Y lip list. Now some of you are worried about lip lift scarring but feel you need a lip lift. You may want to look into this procedure instead of an actual lip lift.

Year 1999

Later in 1999, there are even more changes.

Angelina now has chief bones. These are probably the result of having sub malar cheek implants placed. They go beautifully with her jaw and chin. Her eyes have changed to an almond shape. This could be from my canthal plasty also called almond eye surgery.

Sometime in 1999 and 2000 you start to see this really uplifted look that she has to her cheeks, lip corners and eye corners. She now has a gorgeous cat eye. This is likely the result of a mid face lift here we’ll see more angles of her face. The lift looks absolutely stunning. This surgeon had a great aesthetic eye.

Here’s a before and after six years apart.

Here’s a before and after six years apart.

Let’s In 1999 we see the strong jaw, chin, and cheek structure that has appeared. Her eyes are still around so this is likely earlier in 1999 before she had her mid facelift.

Here in 2000, she has a completely different face. The mid-facelift she had after putting in the Josh and cheek implants is really obvious here.

She does have a bit of nasal labial folding happening but that usually happens after mid-face lips settle in.

2003 we really see this cheek, jaw, and chin definition. She may have lost some weight and that’s attributing to the definition as well. Here we are later in 2003 and look how beautiful that structure looks after it’s gotten a chance to settle down. She literally has a beautiful cheek and jaw relationship. That chin is coming forward and profile. She never had that before. 1999 versus 2003 this looks like two different people.

Look at those eyebrows, look how high they are. Look at the hairline. It’s changed completely. Her hairline and forehead have become much more grounded.

To achieve this I don’t think implants were used. Rather, I believe a section of bone was removed from under the eyebrows and also in between her brows. Doing this facilitated her new forehead contour. It’s my belief that the plastic surgeon must have had a background in facial feminization surgery to do this type of procedure. He also had a fabulous eye for aesthetics. I would kill to know who her surgeon was. Now this type of surgery must be performed by a very experienced surgeon who does very careful work, but you end up with a rounder and more feminine hairline and forehead.

Year 2009

Now here we are in 2009 and I feel like this was Angelina’s best to look. She looks so much softer and prettier and I think that change in her eyes is actually color contacts she enjoys wearing.

In 2014 I think that she may have had another rhinoplasty because look how narrow her nose looks and look at her nostrils.

They’re almost nonexistent and if you look at her nostrils in 1999 they really did flare and that nasal tip was a lot wider. Now in 2019 we see her and she does have a more polled look to her.

I suspect she may have had a facelift here. No, this may have been as a mass-based list or a deep plane facelift or even a ponytail lift. One unusual consequence of Angelina’s facelift is a term called pixie ears. And I’ll show you that right here,

which are a telltale sign of having a facelift. Now, I’m so surprised that the surgeon didn’t go back in and correct this.

I don’t think that the same surgeon that did the other work she previously had done because in my opinion, this work wasn’t as careful as the other work she had done.

She’s pulled quite tight and um, for the age that she was here, this is not a natural look. I can see very well her cheek implants peaking through. She really needed to have a little bit of that injected here. She was quite skinny and still is. I really didn’t see a need to do any 2020 photos, but she looks the same.

Does Angelina have lip injections?

Now it’s time to talk about Angelina’s famous lips. During an interview with Tim Nason, Angelina Jolie admitted to having silicone droplets injected into her lip. Now, she never said where or when she had this procedure done, but if I had to guess, I think that she probably injected the upper lip to balance out her lower lip.

Now, none of this work is obvious and it’s definitely not obvious to the untrained eye, but maybe some of you will see what I’m talking about. Remember, this work is done by a surgeon who was not really known to the public who makes their living off of working on celebrities in a very quiet way.

Now the celebrity might go in and they’ll be the only patient that that plastic surgeon works on for the whole day or the only patient of the week, and this surgeon goes to town. He does everything. So minutely that there’s usually not any bruising or any telltale signs when they leave the office.

Now let’s go through the prices of these procedures. Keep in mind that Angelina probably paid double or triple the costs that I’m going to tell you here.

All prices are based on the current prices in Beverly Hills, California

  • rhinoplasty, $15,000
  • Jaw implants, $5,000
  • chin implants, $5,000
  • V to the Y Plasty $10,000
  • Canto plasty $8,000
  • cheek implants, $5,000
  • mid facelift, $12,000
  • second rhinoplasty, $15,000
  • forehead contour, $15,000
  • Brown lift, $10,000
  • third rhinoplasty, $15,000
  • facelift, $50,000
  • silicone in the lips, $1,000
  • jaw surgery with aesthetics, $100,000

Total cost, $266,000

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